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Uncharted Review

Out in theaters now is Uncharted, the movie adaptation of the popular video game series that revolves around the swashbuckling adventurer Nathan Drake. For years fans have pictured a rugged Nathan Fillion in the role, only to have to settle for the plucky Tom Holland, who is out to prove that he can play more than just Peter Parker. Whether or not he proves that here though is debatable and your mileage may vary on the results.

Uncharted acts as an origin story to how Nathan Drake came to be who he will eventually become. Orphaned at a young age, his only solace in life is his artifact-loving brother Sam, who, after trying to steal one too many priceless items and not getting away with his theft, decides to make a run for it and leave his younger brother behind. Fifteen years later, he's approached by a man named Sully (Mark Wahlberg), who claims to have been friends with Sam. He tells Nathan that Sam has ghosted him, but if Nathan helps him with this treasure hunt that Sam was trying to solve, maybe he can find a way to be reunited with his brother again. Nathan accepts the call to adventure but soon learns that they aren't the only ones looking for the treasure, and they've got some very dangerous competition.

To enjoy the ride of Uncharted, one must completely shut off their brain because this definitely one of the stupidest blockbusters in a while (I realize I'm typing this as Uncharted is coming off the heels of Moonfall...but nevertheless!) Still, as preposterous as it all is, I have to admit that I had fun with it. Honestly, archaeology adventure movies are such fun and a breath of fresh air sometimes that I am known to go easy on them. Tom Holland is playing another variation of Peter Parker again here (and by variation....there is no's the same character), just as Mark Wahlberg is being Mark Wahlberg. As such, I'm sure this film is bound to disappoint hardcore fans of the source material...though I myself found it harmless.

Yes, the whole thing will come apart at the seams as you examine it and pull every thread. There are countless stupid moments every step of the way can basically question every single decision of both the characters and filmmakers alike. Still, while I can't endorse this as a good movie by any means, I can still admit it's dumb fun...just not at its finest. Plus its ludicrous final action sequence is really one for the ages.

RATING: A generous 6/10


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