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Sundance 2021 Reviews Day 5

Luckily, this day's slate for me wasn't as jam-packed as the day before but I was still able to see three more movies. Check out my quick thoughts on them below!


An estranged twin sister disrupts the monotonous life of her twin as the past she's trying to escape catches up with her. This film felt like the possibilities were endless as to where the story could go, but feels like it chose the most boring path possible that it could pursue. I love the look of the film and the twins are perfectly cast, but ultimately it just didn't rise above average. RATING: 4.5/10


Judas and the Black Messiah tells the true story of William O'Neal, a man ordered by the FBI to go undercover as a member of the Black Panthers to give them dirt on Illinois Chapter leader Fred Hampton, or face time in prison. This is a very good movie with even better performances. LaKeith Stanfield and Daniel Kaluuya give some of the best performances of their career; even if we don't get as much into the psyche of these two men as I would have liked. I think the film would have benefited from showing a bit more of William's inner turmoil and if it had been edited a bit more tightly all around. RATING: 8/10


Prime Time tells the story of a young man who attempts to take a tv station hostage on New Years Eve 1999 in the hopes of relaying an important message to the world. The film starts out really strong and is totally compelling. The mystery of what this kid wants to say and what the people around him are going to do is fascinating. Unfortunately all that intrigue fizzles out by the end as the diversions go on and on past the point of interest. RATING: 5.5/10


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