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Sundance 2013 Selections

Well, it's over. The only thing that makes winter tolerable; (besides Christmas of course...) the Sundance Film Festival has come to an end. Every darn year it sneaks up on me before I have time to get advanced tickets, and almost always I miss out because of it (last year is the exception since there weren't as many movies I wanted to see as this year...and including the JGL hit record event I got to do everything I wanted to do.) Even though I pretty much say it every year, next year I REALLY am going to try to be more prepared haha. The overall experience was fun as usual. And once again I never saw one celebrity (since I'm not able to use the urinals I guess..). Oh unless you count THIS GUY who I saw walking along Main Street likely promoting a film called Newlyweeds. So while I posted reviews on the films I was able to see, here's a list of just a few that I missed that I hope to catch if/when they make their way to theaters.


What does ACOD stand for? Adult Children of Divorce of course! (hey that rhymed..) Being someone who is a semi-expert on the subject I was instantly intrigued. Then add the fact that a pretty solid cast was involved including Adam Scott, Amy Poehler, Richard Jenkins Catherine O'Hara, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and this film instantly went on my must-see list. I'm not sure if this one has a distribution deal yet, but I would definitely love to see it.


I'm really disappointed the stars never aligned so I could see this one. Unfortunately, due to some bad coordinating, as well as some really rabid Jane Austen fans in Salt Lake that arrived for waitlist way earlier than the rules state (but somehow no one seemed to care...), it was not meant to be. Fortunately, this one was picked up by Sony Classics and is said to be looking for a summer release. I'm very excited. I love Keri Russell, I love Jane Austen and I love the premise of a Jane Austen role-playing theme park, but.........I do have trouble taking Bret McKenzie seriously as a romantic lead. I just can't help but picture him in an office with Jemaine and Murray during another "band meeting." Also, I'm interested in seeing Jerusha Hess' directing debut. I have mixed feelings so far about her and her husband's work...but I'd like for her to be a success.

Breathe In

Director Drake Doremus and leading lady Felicity Jones reteam for their second effort after their last collaboration Like Crazy. I recently watched that film again and enjoyed it much better after my colossal expectations were finally held in check. This film's cast seems a bit more rounded out with Guy Pierce and Amy Ryan. Here Felicity Jones plays a foreign exchange student who changes the life of the family she stays with. Its a simple enough plot that could go either way in the wrong hands, but the reviews all suggest this film was even better than Like Crazy. I haven't heard anything yet about any company picking it up though.

Hell Baby

The horror-comedy truly is one of my favorite genres out there. From what I have gathered, this film seems to take on a Cabin in the Woods approach at both satirizing and paying tribute to the genre. Apparently, both Rosemary's baby, haunted houses, and more are covered in this film. Oh, and did I mention it has Rob Corddry and Thomas Lennon in it? Sure to be hilarious. Again though, not sure if anyone picked it up, so hopefully, we can all see it one day. I'd love to put it on my Halloween view list.

In a World...

I must say, I love the premise of this film. One of my favorite aspects of The Holiday (besides Jude Law's hotness of course..) is Cameron Diaz's awesome job as a movie trailer editor. So what better idea to make a whole movie devoted to the art of movie trailer NARRATING? With that premise in mind, you have to admit that the title of the film is pretty much ingenious. The reviews of this film both by critics and general festival-goers have all been very positive saying it doubles as a light and fun romantic comedy, as well as a female empowerment tale. I really hope I'll be seeing this one.

The Spectacular Now

This might be the film I'm most disappointed to have missed (and believe me I sure tried to get in.) The film is based on a novel by Tim Tharp but adapted by the writers of a film you may or may not be sick of me mentioning on this blog...(500) Days of Summer. That fact alone is really all I needed, but the reviews I read all pretty much gushed about this film and especially the performances of its young leads: Miles Teller (of Rabbit Hole)and Shailene Woodley (of The Descendants). Thankfully though, some brand new company I've never heard of picked it up called A24 picked it up and plans to distribute it this summer.

The two films I DID see got picked up for distribution as well. Sony Pictures acquired Before Midnight and Fox Searchlight paid a hefty (and hopefully worthwhile,) price for The Way, Way Back. Fox and The Way, Way Back are a perfect match though, so I'm very excited about that....hopefully it will be out in summer since it's a perfect summer film and everyone can enjoy it as much as I did. But anyway, that's about it! I am very much looking forward to the fest next year, and hopefully, I can remember for once in my life to sign up for an advanced time slot so that I can have much more goodies to post than just two reviews and a wrap-up. But until long Sundance, we'll see you next year!


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