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Quick Take: The New Mutants

Poor The New Mutants, the movie that has been delayed since the beginning of time. I remember years ago when I saw the teaser and it conveyed a new way to make an X-men movie: as a horror movie. I thought it was a great concept and a fun new twist on the genre, and I couldn't wait to see it. Little did I know I would wait and wait and wait. By the time it did finally make its way in front of audiences, any horror elements that had been in it had been watered down to basically nothing.

The New Mutants follows Dani, a girl with special powers who wakes up one day in a special facility and discovers other teens like her. They don't get many answers to their questions about how long they've been there, why they are there, and why can't they go. Together they must utilize their strengths and work together to find a way out.

It's hard to know what went wrong with The New Mutants. Was it always destined to be this way because it just wasn't good, or was there just too much studio interference before and after the merger of Fox into Disney. Whatever the case may be, the movie we're left with just isn't good. I say that as someone who generally really likes Fox's take on X-men and who has even been forgiving of some of the duds they've done already. Sadly, while the idea of a horror superhero film intrigued me, this one was not it.



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