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Lamb: Quick Take Review

When I first saw the trailer for Lamb a few months back I instantly saw the potential of this oddball horror film from A24. The premise was a bizarre one: an Icelandic farming couple with no children find themselves as unlikely parents one day when they come upon a truly unique creature; a half lamb half-human child. The trailer was both offbeat and ominous. The movie itself? Incredibly boring. The movie never becomes more than its wacky concept and never chooses to reflect what kind of horror implications such a scenario could have. Instead, we just get to watch all the characters play house.

Lamb goes nowhere with its crazy plot. Every time you think it will go somewhere, it chooses not to. It's a very frustrating film to watch. I'm not sure what Noomi Rapace saw in this film, but she is very reliable in a film that doesn't really deserve her reliability. I suppose there's an audience somewhere for this film (very much in the arthouse crowd), but I imagine it's quite sparse.

RATING: 3/10


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