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2023 Most Anticipated

A new year is here and it's time as always to look ahead to all the movies coming our way in 2023. There's so much to look forward to, with many of my favorite filmmakers releasing a new film this year. I just hope that this year all of my films on this list actually end up coming out, unlike my last two lists! Consequently, a couple of films from last year's list make a re-appearance here, so let's hope their curse of continual delays ends this year. But without further ado, here is a look at the ten films I'm most excited about seeing in 2023.

10. Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

I have to preface this by saying that the inclusion of this film on the list is merely a gesture of goodwill because of my feelings about the original three Indiana Jones films. I didn't particularly want a sequel to this series, especially with how the last one turned out. There's been lot of rumors swirling the production, but I just hope that James Mangold can stick the landing and recapture some of Indy's old magic once again. Time will tell if this is just another Kingdom of the Crystal Skull 2.0.

9. John Wick: Chapter 4

This is the first film on my list that I had hoped would come out last year (thus the inclusion on my 2022 list). But alas, it did not and John Wick fans were kept waiting. While I didn't love the third installment as much as the first two, the action set pieces in these films are always so incredible to watch that I can't wait to see how they try to top it next.

8. Knock at the Cabin

No matter what, I'm always rooting for M. Night Shyamalan to succeed. To me, Old was outrageously entertaining, but also pretty schlocky. The trailer for this film had me intrigued and excited that there's more to the film than its initial brief, yet mysterious premise. This could go either way, but I'm always hoping Shyamalan can get back on track.

7. M3GAN

M3GAN put simply, looks like an absolute hoot. Sure the evil robot doll thing has been done before, but with the writer of Malignant on board I am totally down for this. Being a January horror release doesn't exactly bode well for the film...but I'm hopeful it can be in on the joke enough for this to be silly, yet effective horror.

6. Barbie

I (along with everyone else on Twitter) already had my interest piqued by the film's announcement, then the subsequent director announcement, then subsequent casting announcements. This film was on everyone's radar as one of the film events of 2023. But then the trailer just solidified that by being a perfect tease of what's yet to come. The sets. The costumes. The Margot Robbie of it all. If Greta Gerwig nails this, it will be the bubble gum pink perfection we always needed. I just hope it doesn't fall prey too much to the "fish out of water" trope.

5. Spider-man: Across the Spider-verse

Into the Spider-verse was the breath of fresh air that the superhero genre needed in 2018. It's been a long four years waiting for a sequel (again I think this appeared on my list last year too), but I'm very hopeful Across the Spider-verse will be worth the wait. There's a lot of pressure to top the original, and it's a tall order...but I'm excited to see what Phil Lord and Chris Miller come up with.

4. Oppenheimer

Without a doubt, Christopher Nolan is one of the best and biggest directors working today. He achieves spectacle as no one else can. While I was surprised at this being the film he chose to work on following Tenet, I know he'll give it the signature Nolan twist that will set it apart from your average biopic.

3. Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning

Another film I had hoped to see sooner, but couldn't be happier that we'll finally get to see the next installment of Mission Impossible. More accurately, I can't wait to see how Tom Cruise will attempt to surpass every stunt he's accomplished thus far in this franchise. The man has no limits and it is incredulous to see. He's an action masterclass and I'll be glued to the seat when this finally hits theaters.

2. Dune Part 2

Dune was my favorite film from 2021, so of course I'm more than eager to return to this world and see what happens next. In my eyes, Denis Villeneuve can pretty much do no wrong at this point, so I'm totally 100% in with whatever he does in a sequel. He brought in even more talent with the sequel and I'm beyond excited. And yet....this film still is my second most anticipated of the year. So what could top it?

1. Beau is Afraid

Well. Here we go again. What topped last year is here again, since it never ended up being released in 2022 (Though here it's been retitled from Disappointment Blvd to Beau is Afraid). Ari Aster, you've made a tall order with your first two films being so unbelievably good. The pressure is on once again to deliver something uniquely sophisticated, yet horrifying (though this film is said to be a mix of EVERYTHING). Can't wait to see what he's done.


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