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Frozen II Review

After a tidy happily ever after at the end of 2013's Frozen, where exactly did that leave the story to go with a sequel? The answer to that of course is only places that are completely unnecessary...however if there's one thing we know about Hollywood it's that money talks and a sequel to a movie that makes a billion dollars is inevitable. So here we are six years later with Frozen II.

The film begins with Anna and Olaf cheerily singing a song about the constant dependable things in life, which immediately cues the audience that all their fortunes are about to change. Meanwhile, little does Anna know Kristoff is working up the courage to propose, but just can't seem to find the right moment. But soon Elsa hears a call to adventure that she just can't ignore, where the two sisters will learn more about their past and their parents.

Frozen II is a completely unnecessary sequel. Its sole purpose for existing is to create more costumes for Elsa to be sold to millions of little adoring girls everywhere. The film feels cobbled together of 3-4 ideas the writers came up with for a sequel and threw them all into the same script. That's not to say the film isn't watchable. It's very entertaining and a lot better than most animated films out there, it's just not very memorable. The animation itself is fantastic and beautiful just to watch. The music is good, but none of it ever matches anything from the first movie, which is really the sequel's main problem overall: it never surpasses the height of the original, let alone reaches them.

BOTTOM LINE: Overall Frozen II really doesn't need to exist, but you could certainly do worse in terms of children's entertainment. At least it's pretty to look at and the familiar characters are fun to spend time with again. RATING: 7/10

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