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Quick Take: Alien Covenant

Out now is the sequel to Prometheus which itself was the prequel to Alien. Prometheus was critically received well, though general audiences had a much more mixed reaction. So it will be interesting to see whether or not Alien: Covenant will be greeted with a warmer reception.

Alien: Covenant takes place ten years after the events of Prometheus. A group of astronauts are sent on a mission to colonize a brand new planet. But when a new planet appears and they receive a transmitted message from it, the astronauts vote to explore the new planet to see if it would be the better candidate of a place to live. They'll realize their mistake soon enough when each of them come in contact with the deadly alien species that are among the inhabitants of the planet.

I had such a fun time with this movie. It was like the horror equivalent of Jurassic Park (or maybe The Lost World with the monster hunting scene in the field...), which means that once it started going it was an absolute thrill ride. Plus, it features an amazingly fascinating and off the wall performance by Michael Fassbender that makes you incredibly excited to see where the franchise could go next. This film makes Prometheus better, and I honestly am so excited to see what the next chapter will bring.

RATING: 8/10

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