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IT: Casting Chapter Two

The last two weekends It has completely dominated the box office, so non-surprisingly, the buzz for the promised Chapter 2 is just getting started. For anyone who has read the book or seen the 90's miniseries, they know that the young Losers Club and their encounters with It are only half of the story. The other half happens 27 years later when the kids are all grown up and receive word that their childhood fear has followed them into adulthood. I was a little surprised when I heard that It would not include the adult storyline because I always loved the idea of seeing adult counterparts to the young heroes. Even if their storyline was weaker than the childhood ones, I still loved the idea of having what you feared in childhood come back to haunt you. In fact, the whole time during my first viewing of the film I couldn't help but begin to imagine who in Hollywood could portray the older versions of them. Apparently, I wasn't the only one as fan casting posts similar to this one have been popping up left and right since the movie came out (including suggestions from the young casts themselves.)


Amy Adams is one of the most talented actresses working in Hollywood today and happens to look exactly like what one might expect the younger Beverly (Sophia Lillis) to grow up to become. It’s probably a long shot that Adams might be interested in taking part in a horror sequel, but we can always dream of the perfection she would add to Stephen King’s tale in the role of Beverly Marsh. RUNNERS-UP: Jessica Chastain, Kristen Wiig.


For young Bill’s (Jaeden Lieberher) adult counterpart, once again I chose to match who in Hollywood best physically represents the younger actor, so I had to go with Tobey Maguire. Jaeden totally reminds me of a young Tobey in mannerism and look. While Maguire is not always the most charming or charismatic leading man around, Bill’s character doesn’t really require fact, the character needs a little bit more awkwardness to make it believable that he used to be a kid who overcame a stutter. Tobey can nail this and doesn’t seem to be too busy these days.


Chris Pratt has been wearing out his charm for me as of late, so I was a little unsure of this choice, but physically I think he’s a great match for this role. Ben is supposed to be completely transformed by adulthood, and Pratt himself has gone through a transformation during his time in the spotlight. I’m sure he can portray those inner insecurities of a man who isn’t used to being the apple of everyone’s eye, even though now everyone sees him as a looker. Pratt is in high demand these days so this choice might not be the most likely to happen, but I think it would be a solid choice. RUNNER-UP: David Denman.


Richie was the hardest role for me to cast because Finn Wolfhard does such a great job and was such a scene stealer in the younger role, it was difficult to imagine who could do the same in the sequel, while at the same time matching the look. Adam Brody fit the bill for me of someone who often provides comic relief...just usually in more of a sarcastic way. He looks similar enough, and he’s dry enough that it just might work (provided that Richie’s humor changes a bit as he becomes an adult.


Mike was one of the kids in It that we probably saw the least of, and was harder to get a grip on who would match him as an adult as far as personality goes. Chiwetel Ejiofor is a solid actor who could give this character a bit more depth than he was given in the first chapter. Of course, I’ve never really seen him in a horror movie, so who knows if it’s his cup of tea!


Eddie was a tough character to cast because he has a certain look and a distinct neurotic personality. My pick is Milo Ventimiglia who matches the look, though I'm not positive how he'd do with the personality. Since people change much through adulthood though, I think this could still work RUNNER-UP: Oscar Isaac was actually my first pick, but his ethnicity doesn't completelllly line up with the younger Eddie.


Is it just me or is Wyatt Olef who plays the young Stan in It, a dead ringer for Tom Hiddleston? For those who have read the book or seen the 1990 version, you’ll know that [SPOILERS HIGHLIGHT TO READ] Adult Stan’s role in the sequel will be very brief since he commits suicide as soon as he hears Pennywise is back. [/end SPOILERS.] Here’s hoping Hiddleston would be up for a cameo because he’d be perfect!

And that's a wrap! Let me know what you thought of my choices, and if you have some other ideas of your own feel free to share!

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