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Quick Take: 47 Meters Down

Last summer brought us The Shallows, and now to top a movie that features a girl being hunted by killer shark on the ocean, we set the action UNDER the ocean and add a couple more sharks and one more girl! 47 Meters follows two sisters on a much needed vacation to help one of them get over a recent breakup. Encouraging her sister to be more spontaneous, the two embark on an underwater cage expedition where they're sure to be surrounded by sharks. What begins as a thrilling escape turns into a nightmare when the cable holding the cage breaks and the two sisters plummet into the depths of the ocean.

47 Meters was totally a guilty pleasure and I had a blast watching it. It was incredibly tense throughout and held my attention all the way through. I'm actually pretty impressed how far the filmmakers took such a simple concept. While the ending could have used a bit more thought, it will be a great edition to Shark Week movie marathons for years to come. RATING 7/10

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