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Quick Take: The Mummy

I was a little apprehensive about a Mummy remake when I heard about it since I quite liked the 90's version with Brendan Fraser. But I like Tom Cruise enough when he's headlining a blockbuster, so I gave this the benefit of the doubt...however, it was kind of a hot mess.

This rendition of The Mummy was intended to be the first entry in an expanded universe of classic movie monsters. It follows Cruise's character Nick, is a mercenary who along with his bumbling friend Chris (Jake Johnson) and archaeologist love interest (Annabelle Wallis) stumble on the tomb of an evil Egyptian Princess. And of course, they unknowingly set her loose on the world. Only through the help of a secretive organized group with special interests of their own will they be able to find a way to defeat the evil she's unleashed.

I never found myself hating this movie, but it certainly had its fair share of eye rolls. It was hard to take seriously....not that the movie wanted me to. In fact, I'm not really sure what tone the movie was going for because it could never really make up its mind. So... I didn't hate it but thought this one could have been much more focused. RATING: 6/10

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