Horrorthon 2015: The Recap

You will never BELIEVE how many horror movies/tv I watched this month. I sacrificed my time at the gym all month in order to create this giant list. Now I'm gonna have to be doing some repenting for that. ESPECIALLY before Thanksgiving. But that's not important. This list. The month of October is everything, and I crammed it with possibly more horror than ever before. Some were first-time watches, others were rewatches. Since this list is so long, I'm gonna attempt to sum up my watching as succinctly as possible. Wish me luck.

The Babadook. A great new addition to modern horror.

Gremlins. Campy cult classic that I just kinda love.

The Sixth Sense, Signs & The Village. First weekend of October needed something lighter and M Night's older stuff is just perfect for that.

Dream House. So unbelievably stupid.

The Hole. It's like Joe Dante turned an episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark? into a full length movie... with not very good results.

The 'Burbs. This cult classic just holds a special place in my heart.

What We Do in the Shadows. Flight of the Conchords meets vampires meets mockumentary.

iZombie, Scream & Scream Queens. Even when I watched tv, I tried to make it horror. Summing each up: Delightful, too serious, and silly.

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. Historically significant, though more stylish than scary. Maybe the first twist ever in cinema history?

It Follows. Victim of its hype. Stylish cinematography & great score... but unfulfilling payoff.

Goodnight Mommie. Victim of its trailer and slow pacing. The ending though is crazy intense.

A Nightmare on Elm Street. SO much fun! Great concept and pretty ruthless in how the victims are each picked off.

The Ring. The modern classic that holds itself most dear to me.

Fright Night. This remake is a lot of fun

1408. Nice horror film if you need one in a pinch.

Saw. Messed up....but awesome.

Simpsons Treehouse of Horror I - XI. A staple for me every year. I love these old episodes so much.

Devil. Fun Twilight Zone premise that works well enough for me.

Crimson Peak. Not as scary as I wanted, but loved the story.

Misery. SO great.

Goosebumps. Fun for kids to have a new Hocus Pocus for their generation. More movies like this for kids should be made.

Evil Dead. One of the few smart remakes of the horror genre. Effectively does its own thing and pays homage at the same time.

The Shining. One of the greatest horror films ever made.

Dawn of the Dead. Unfortunately watched a really choppy version of this. It was hard to get the full effect. Some great moments though.

Hocus Pocus. Classic Halloween staple.

Don't Look Now. I really only cared for a handful of moments in this to be honest.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. SO INCREDIBLY INTENSE. One of my new favorites.

Pet Sematary. Haha this movie is crazy. In both good ways and bad ways!

The Conjuring. One of the best additions to modern horror. This film is incredibly solid.

The Amityville Horror. Slow start up, but it's got some really creepy moments.

Haunter. Just.....so dang stupid.

Cooties. Silly zombie kid killing fun.

The Final Girls. Another fun homage to the genre that cleverly deconstructs what we expect from horror.

Child's Play. Haha what can one say about Childs Play? Outrageous and terrifying.

Unfriended. Clever concept that gets a little tedious by the end.

The Lost Boys. So very 80's and I mean that in the very best way. 80's film first, vampire film second.

The Cabin in the Woods. Love letter to the horror genre.

Scream 2. Fun sequel that doesn't take quite as many risks as the original.

Friday the 13th. Such a slow beginning, but the ending is absolutely fabulous.

Re-Animator. NIGHTMARE FUEL! Probably the most disturbing film I saw all month.

The Exorcist. Slow beginning lessened the blow for the events of the second half. Still incredibly disturbing and terrifying though.

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil. So freaking funny.

Halloween. Classic slasher flick.

Welp! That's all, can you believe it? Now onto immersing myself in Star Wars for the next month and a half...


Sarah said...

Well, you watched more movies than I did this month. :) So, did you really like the new Goosebumps? Was that the one with Jack Black? What would be your age recommendation for that one? How young is too young to watch that movie?

Johanna said...

Wow! You really watched a lot of movies. No wonder I barely saw you. :)