My Big Fat Greek Vacation

WARNING: Greece is incredibly picturesque, and thus I have a billion pictures. Thanks in part to Mamma Mia and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, visiting the islands of Greece has long been a big dream of mine. Tried as I might, I couldn't make it happen the last time I was in Europe...so for the last five years I've been determined that if I made it back, I'd make my way to this beautiful country. Turns out, I made it there just in time in light of recent events surrounding Greece's financial crisis. My thoughts and prayers go out to the kind people I met on these islands. They truly are an incredible and loving people, and my heart is full of gratitude for their kindness. Thank you for sharing the beauty of your country with me! Each island I visited from Corfu, Mykonos and Santorini were all a little piece of paradise.

The first day was spent on the island of Corfu.

Our amazing Greek guide took us on a boat ride where we saw plenty of charming restaurants that overlooked the gorgeous turquoise waters.

The water was so amazingly clear you could see the fishes!

My mom kind of enjoyed it.

I think I liked it more than her..

We sailed past many caves and beaches. I just wish I could have spent eternity here!

I would be okay with seeing this view on a regular basis.

And pretty much every restaurant had a perfect view too.

Sadly, we didn't get to see much of the main city of Corfu, but it was still very pretty from what we did see.

There was soooo much more to Corfu, but I think I captured most of it with my eyes though as opposed to my camera. It was so incredibly charming, and our guide here was my favorite person we met on our whole trip. 

Up next was Mykonos.

Mykonos was GORGEOUS.

But you kind of had to wander to find the more beautiful secluded spots.

Still, I stumbled on plenty sleeping cats... so they found it tranquil enough.

One of my favorite things to stumble on were these cool windmills.

And when you turn around, you get THIS view.

Which I tried to get a selfie of with that view...and ended up getting mostly cars.

But here's a closer look at "Little Venice."

I liked any time I saw really Greek things. Like statues.

Or columns.

But any view I could get of the shoreline also was great.

And somehow it got even more beautiful at night.

Just makes me want to sing Abba's "I have a dream." Luckily the cruise ship pretty much had it on repeat all that night.

Finally, dreams came true as the last day in Greece I got to see Santorini.

Always dreamed of seeing these blue domes everywhere.. and I wasn't disappointed.


What an incredible place.

Everywhere you looked in this particular spot was a stunning sight.

More of my favorite color combinations..

My mom was caught off guard by one of the street performers haha.

I think Santorini should steal the Full House theme song "Everywhere you look..."

This was the picture I stopped for that made my mom trip...

I know I already used the word paradise... but really, this could be anyone's happy place.

Whether it's in Oia Village...

Or Fira, the architecture is gorgeous.

I like the Greek's sense of humor.

Just do yourself a favor and take the donkeys up and down the cliffs... you might regret it if you don't.

Goodbye Greece. I hope I'll be able to see your turquoise waters again.

That's it for this recap. The next country you'll be visiting vicariously through me is...Croatia! So until next time... To check out my post on England click HERE and my post on Italy can be found HERE.

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Joey said...

Ah, it was an incredibly beautiful place with incredibly beautiful people. And that's not even talking about the food....the orange honey cake and baked feta!

So glad I got to see these amazing places.