Crazy About Croatia!

Today's country recap is dedicated to Croatia. I only spent one day here and there's still so much left of this beatiful country that I'm DYING to see sometime in the hopefully not too distant future. What I did see of this country though I absolutely loved; my time simply wasn't even close to enough. Dubrovnik is an amazing old city where the heart of it is found within the fortress walls overlooking the Adriatic sea. The buildings are all light brick, and the roofs all orange. There's a very distinct and uniform look to everything, and I thought it was just lovely. It doesn't hurt to have that beautiful sparkling water to add a vibrant complimentary color to the pallete. Dubrovnik was a sight to see, but also had its fare share of stories to tell with its history.
Here's one of my first looks at a part of the fortress.

What I had awaiting me in entering into the walled city was just as splendid.

Beautiful architecture everywhere.

There is basically detail to EVERYTHING.

This is one of the squares of the city I thought was particularly beautiful.

And I loved the nearby fountain.

I loved seeing this dome of the church pop up from different points throughout city.

Shall we count the bell towers?

Our guide told us this was one of the oldest graffiti the city had ever seen, as a neighbor who was frustrated with some kids next door wrote them a warning reminding them of their mortality!

I touched the nose of Marin Drzic the "Croatian Shakespeare." Legend has it, rubbing his nose means I'll return? Or something like that...Or maybe it's just good luck in general. Either way I took my chances.

Oh here's another beautiful bell tower!

And this was the city's orphanage, where women too poor to raise their own children could leave their children to be taken care of for a three year period or so.

We happened on Dubrovnik during a market day!

Each building really did have its own specific charm.

After touring the city inside the walls, we set sail...

For a small island close to Dubrovnik called Lokrum.

My favorite thing to see on Lokrum was the abandoned monastery.

And all the peacocks. There were tons of them! It was an island for them.

Here's a closer look at the great bird.

And here's a selfie where I attempted to get the beauty of the island, and instead come up with a tree that could be anywhere.

I also really dug the hedge maze.

And this stairway that leads to a beautiful swimming hole!

But there was something magical about the ruins of everything.

And that water that I'm a sucker for. I REALLY wanted to go for a swim.

Since I never got to explore the walls of the city, this had to win as my favorite view of Dubrovnik when we sailed back toward it.

It just feels like something out of a fairy tale.

Even getting away from the old city, the color scheme was still adopted everywhere else! I just loved the uniform look to everything.

And as this was the last stop on our cruise, it was only fitting we'd be bid farewell with a spectacular sunset whilst we left the Dalmatian coast. Unfortunately, that's all I have for Croatia right now. Hopefully sometime soon I will be able to report more! In my next post I'll be covering Ireland! But for now, if you missed my post on England click HERE. If you missed Italy you can find it HERE. And if you forgot about Greece you can take a look HERE.


Sarah said...

Beautiful pictures. What a lovely place. I'm so glad you had the opportunity to go!

Johanna said...

It was a fairy tale place. I expected to see Belle break into song. And the stories about the graffiti and the orphanage were amazing.