More than a feeling

After a year-long hiatus, the Pixar Studio is back with its first of two animated feature films for the year. The Good Dinosaur won't be out until the end of the year, so audiences hoping for more "dino action" after Jurassic World will have to wait another six months. In the meantime, however, audiences craving a good animated film should be more than satisfied at the arrival of Inside Out. This film happens to be the first original work for the studio since Brave back in 2012 and I have to say, not relying on sequels and prequels of previous works made for one of the best movies Pixar has done to date. Inside Out feels fresh and its inventiveness carries the whole picture. As usual, this is the kind of Pixar creation that easily charms the adults while a lot of stuff probably flies over the heads of the children. They'll enjoy it alright, but it might not be as accessible as something more easy going like Finding Nemo or Cars.

All Pixar films examine the lives of different realms from toys, robots, monsters, to bugs and everything in between. What's left to explore you ask? Only the human mind and how it is controlled by five basic emotions: Joy, Fear, Disgust, Anger and Sadness. In Inside Out, each of these emotions are personified in a character that helps control the life of a little girl named Riley. When two of the most vital emotions get separated from the rest, Riley's life gets turned upside down. Almost the entirety of the film is used to explain to the audience why people think the way they do and for anyone in touch with their feelings, it's absolutely charming and hilarious. So many aspects of the mind are explored and at every turn the interpretation we see depicted on screen is a delight.

It's no doubt that the best thing the film has going for it is the world it has created, but Pixar was smart enough to assemble a fine cast to make the film really top notch. Each one of the emotions was played so beautifully by their celebrity counterparts that their characters all just come off as effortless. That said, the film is not without its flaws. Two-thirds of the way in some of the close calls start to get a little tiresome. Since the beginning of the film was so much fun, it's hard not to want to return back to that energy as quickly as possible. This is why even with a short runtime the film sometimes tends to drag while it nears its conclusion. I definitely feel like a few things could be trimmed here and there to move the proceedings along a bit more quickly.

Inside Out is so much fun, if only for its constant commentary on human nature. I honestly probably laughed harder at this than any other film I've seen this year. While Riley's mind is the main residence of the film, whenever we get a peek into the mind's of others it pretty much killed me. Inside Out is Pixar at its finest and a wonderful new addition to the family. It's simply an instant classic. EMILY RATING: 9/10

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Johanna said...

I'll have to set up a time when I can take Sarah's boys.

Sarah said...

My boys would love to see that with you, Mom. I'll save it for you and we won't take them. I think this movie looks absolutely charming.