The weekend brings with it two new releases. One: a new live action adventure from Disney based on one of the lands in their most famous theme park. And two: a remake of a beloved horror film from the 80's. Both are opening to low scores from critics but are these films deserving of these negative reactions? Let me break both down for you.


I saw this film on Monday, and it took a good while to figure out how exactly I felt about it. I admired its originality and had fun with the ride, yet there was quite a lot of strangeness to it that I wasn't sure all worked in the films favor. When it comes down to it, Tomorrowland is a mixed bag that loses its way toward the end (or perhaps the middle with some bad pacing.) But I can't help but admire that it's marching to the beat of its own drum. Yeah there is a little too much mystery for mystery's sake, but this movie threw my expectations out the window in what this movie actually was...and I gotta respect it for that. Plus it features a Star Wars homage that had me smiling from ear to ear. EMILY RATING: I'm being really kind and saying 7/10.


I'm telling you if it's not a sequel these days, it's a remake. Remakes aren't always the most horrible thing, but when it comes to remaking solid horror films., there really doesn't seem to be much of a point. The best thing a horror film can do is to surprise you, so what is the point of revisiting something we already know the beats to? What's left to surprise in a story we already know? Even worse in this particular case, a story that has since been duplicated a billion times over. Poltergeist was a defining film in the haunted house portion of the horror genre, and films since may not have been straight remakes, but they might as well have been. The remake here is not without its charms....one being Sam Rockwell and the rest of the cast. The film definitely looks good (well apart from some visual effects) and the filmmakers did a decent job of updating the tale for a modern age... But unfortunately, their update managed to erase all the mystique the original had to offer. Instead, things are over-explained so much that it's a little ridiculous. For a horror film, the scares are pretty tame and pale very much to the original. But... I suppose you could do worse. And the little son is simply precious. EMILY RATING: 5.5/10


Sarah said...

I don't know why they did a remake of Poltergeist. I mean, if anything, why not have it be the son's daughter and that the ghosts are following the family rather than a remake? I don't know. I would be interested to see it though to do a side by side comparison.

I have always found it interesting that Spielberg had to give up the directing reigns on the original Poltergeist because he was so wrapped up in E.T. He called E.T. his suburban dream and Poltergeist his suburban nightmare.

Johanna said...

That's a cool quote from Steven Spielberg. I probably will sit Poltergeist out.