Second Chances: Avatar

Oh man, guys. This month is practically barren for movies that I'm actually interested in seeing. So how the heck am I gonna spend this month with nothing to look forward to?? Doing what I do best apparently... being a hater. To be more precise,  I've decided to embark upon a grand experiment... an experiment to see if I'm capable of giving movies second chances that I firmly hate.  I came up with this idea one winter morning whilst reading an article someone posted on twitter about one particular movie I've enjoyed ranting on in the past: Avatar. The reviewer remarked how odd he found it that the biggest money making movie of all time hasn't managed to really make a mark on the landscape of pop culture, so he decided to revisit it and see if it holds up. After his viewing, he believed it did. I remained unconvinced. And yet... I wondered to myself if I really would hate it as much now that there's not this cloud of hype surrounding it anymore. Perhaps I could finally find some redeeming qualities that I had hitherto missed during my days of being a hater if I just tried again. So I had to go into this with as open of a mind as I could, but with a mind so stubborn, it was not an easy task. Thankfully, I was not alone: my two best friends agreed to go on not only this journey... but a whole other list of films we all agreed upon (or at least two-thirds of us) hating to see if they were worthy of second chances. For the remainder of this month until movie season begins, you will experience these once hated films through our eyes with our opinions both before & after the viewing. So we start with the film that inspired it all... Avatar.


My own opinion: Avatar was a movie that seduced people by its pleasing visuals and fun movie watching experience. It holds nothing of substance and rips off a billion other better movies. I often found that if a guy I liked loved this movie, it was one of many signs that it was NOT gonna work out. However... it's been a good five years since I've seen it, maybe I'll feel differently now.

Courtney's experience with Avatar: "I have seen 5 minutes and was very turned off by something about their hair I can't remember... However I do remember the writing in that 5 minutes was just atrocious like other James Cameron movies. This movie came out while I was on my mission, but I heard about it constantly... so I experienced the Avatar mania second hand. When I got home I heard it was awful so I decided not to bother. I only watched the 5 min because it was on tv. I also remember thinking "Isn't an avatar your picture on like forums? So it has something to do with that?" No one talks about it so I feel like it can't hold up well."

Amelia's thoughts on Avatar: "What Avatar Is: visually interesting, high grossing, worshipped by the masses.
What Avatar is not: complex, interesting writing, worth creating a new disease, helping me believe in love, making me believe in future children of America, not worthy of creating a sequel

What James Cameron is not: a cinema Demi-God, working on the only sequel that matters: Dark Angel"

Musings DURING the viewing:

My own: Most of my musings consisted of talking about how much I freaking loved Sam Worthington's hair when it gets long. "Oh, what I'd give to run my fingers through that beautiful luscious hair of his. " "His hair is so freaking hot I'm losing it." "THAT HAIR THOUGH!" 
Courtney:  "When does this take place?? It's the future and he doesn't know how to video blog??? This font for the subtitles is HORRIBLE. They still know how to golf though. Haha they look so weird!! Hey wait she speaks perfect English now??? Also why do they have gauged ears?? Hey when did he get a mowhawk?" 
Amelia: "They're not dressing them for their body type! To make sure you aren't anti feminist include Michelle Rodriguez. Why is smoking still a thing in the future? Courtney this is James Cameron he wrote the greatest romance of all time I think he knows what he's doing" 
Collective all: Unobtanium?? Bahahaha!

Yes Amelia, she probably SHOULD go on What Not to Wear.


My own review: In the beginning I was really trying to go with it, and the setup really isn't bad! It is kind of an exciting world to behold and the premise is fun! But... the magic wears off fast. The pacing of this film is dreadful and when the battle ceaselessly rages on I felt as though I was begging the heavens for it to be over. And I'm sorry... the design of the aliens are just too weird for me. Maybe I could have really gotten into this movie if they looked different. I just never could take them seriously. That and the cardboard cutout villains are completely inexcusable for me in a film. Give me depth in my characters please! Especially the villains! This guy was practically twirling his mustache left and right. All in all, I'd say this is James Cameron's worst film.

Amelia's review "Basically my opinion on Avatar remains the same. It makes great strides in visual effects but doesn't offer anything overly compelling in the writing and story department. I'm not saying never see it. But I am saying see it in theaters with Imax 3d and don't expect a lot of rewatch value."

Courtney's review "This was my first time actually seeing Avatar. I didn't like it at all and am confused by the fact that it was such a hit."

And up next.... I revisit my most hated film of last year to see if I can find anything redeeming about MALEFICENT. 


Sarah said...

When I watched this movie, it was without much expectation--one way or the other. I wasn't prepared to love it or hate it. However, I found it to be simply meh. It was too long and too much of a rip-off of Ferngully for my tastes.

Johanna said...

I will never watch it. Period.