Calling All Geeks!

Over the weekend, I attended my, as well as my state's, very first Comic Con. What was the experience like? Utter chaos and claustrophobia meet every nerd's wildest dream. What do I mean? Well, let's just say that almost every single geek, nerd and film buff alike in Utah all had the same plan to be in the same tiny city all at once. But then...once they got there it was a mecca of geekdom. Everywhere you looked people were in costume and sometimes I must admit I didn't even know what the heck they were supposed to be from...and for me, that's weird. There were entire fandoms that were a mystery to Amelia and I..though I must admit it made me feel pretty good to claim ignorance. But somehow I guess it was a place where every geek could show their love for the things they're obsessed with....which leads me to my collage to the right...

As the top picture suggests, I was all too delighted to find that while there were many bizarre fandoms that I hadn't even heard of represented, one fandom that everyone knows and loves...my Star Wars fandom, was exceptionally represented. A life size R2-D2, as well as the droid  Uncle Owen almost bought  (he's got a bad motivator!) a Han Solo frozen in carbonite, a golden Threepio, Stormtroopers and of course Darth Vader were all there on hand. As you can imagine, all of this made me a very happy girl. I was too sheepish to wait in the line to get my picture taken with Vader and the stormtroopers, but around the corner I saw a game called "Shoot a Stormtrooper for Charity" Only a dollar? Yes, please. But besides the replicas and characters walking around there was oodles of Star Wars art to be found in the various booths. I bought a few mini postcards, as well as some fridge magnets to help spice up my apartment (trust me...it's not completely a Star Wars shrine...I promise!)

They look afraid don't they? That's because they know Princess Emily is the best shot in the galaxy.

My brand new magnets!

But Star Wars wasn't the only thing the Con had going for it. There was a cool Lord of the Rings prop shop, a Dr. Who elevator, some awesome lego displays, cool booths everywhere and....minor celebrities. Haha well, not all minor. I did catch a glimpse of Henry Winkler, Lou Ferrigno, Dean Cain, Kevin Sorbo (somehow I find that one the most humorous...) and David Prowse. Annnnnnd Mr. William Shatner and Adam West in a fun little panel where they interviewed each other. At first it was kind of rambling, but it got to be pretty entertaining when some guests from the audience got to ask some questions. Two of my favorite tidbits of the weekend came from that. One was Shatner revealing he likes to reenact his Twilight Zone episode, "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet" for flight attendants during airplane rides. The other was when a fan basically convinced Shatner to guest star on an episode of The Big Bang Theory by applause alone. If news breaks of a guest appearance on the show for this upcoming season, we all know who to thank! The other panel we tried to get into was a "Star Wars vs. Star Trek and the Rise of JJ Abrams," but unfortunately we underestimated the power of getting in line early. So instead we settled for a panel on the horror genre: what works and what doesn't. You can only guess the whole thing with that panel, combined with the costumes I saw everywhere...I'm getting ready for Halloween! But back to the Con, all in all I must say I had a great time at my first Comic Con...and it definitely made me only more eager to check out the Mother of all Cons in San Diego!


Movie Fanatic said...

You are so lucky, I used to live in Utah, I would of loved to have gone to that comic con. I love Star Wars also, I was able to actually dress up as Darth Vader for Halloween a few years ago when I lived in Cedar City. I have just over the past year gotten into Star Trek, and I can totally see why people are Trekkies. By the way, you seem like a cool person, a movie fanatic like me.

Johanna said...

Emily is the coolest of the cool, but then I'm her mom. :)

I would have loved to have seen The Fonz and you know how I feel about William Shatner. Loved him in that Twilight Zone. That's funny that he still gets people asking about it.

So who is going to go with you to San Diego? When is it? Maybe I could shop while you go to Comic Con!

Sarah said...

Sounds like you had a fun time! It looks pretty fascinating. Was it at the Salt Palace? That place chose the worst carpet. :) So ugly! I hope you said hi to Dean Cain for me. :)

Emily said...

I've always thought that about the carpet too. Shivers. I told Dean what you wrote about him on the ceiling in the toy room ;)