Cinderella Awards: Charming Princes

Getting closer to the end of the Cinderella Awards! Just two more entries to go before my review of the new film.. one of which is just below! Today we celebrate one character with perhaps the most varied interpretations. After all, someone's dream man is almost always certain to differ between another's. This makes the role of the Prince very subjective...so I felt that today a more logical ranking was in order, besides my personal preference. I decided to examine WHAT makes a good prince in this particular story. As such I will judge each prince according to the same criteria: Looks (he's gotta be someone we want to fall for,) Personality (is he someone worthy of the name charming?) Loyalty (will he stay with our heroine through thick and thin?) Humor (an important component in any man,) and Intelligence (is he the Lois Lane of Princes in being fooled by a silly disguise)? They will be scored from 1-5 on each category with 25 points total possible. May the best man win!

#10 Rodgers and Hammerstein's 1957 - Prince Christopher 

LOOKS: 2. Though this picture might deceive you and make you think "gosh she's being harsh.." just watch the movie and see how forgettable this guy is.
PERSONALITY: 1. Ditto the last comment. Not much personality to speak of here.
LOYALTY: 5. All princes who portray the Rodgers and Hammerstein's prince are incredibly loyal to their Cinderellas and don't think twice about the fact that she's a commoner.
HUMOR: 1. Remember what I said about being boring? That means no humor either.
INTELLIGENCE: 3. Even though the guy is about as entertaining as watching paint dry, I won't try to assume anything negative about his intelligence. We aren't given any evidence that he's a dummy, so we'll say he's average.

Most Swoonworthy moment: love at first sight.

#9 Cinderella 1950 - Prince Charming

LOOKS: 3. As far as Disney animated characters go, this guy is cute enough but incredibly generic.
PERSONALITY: 1. Let's be honest. This guy is basically a glorified prop to the story.
LOYALTY: 5. We never see his reaction to finding out Cinderella is a servant... but we know he married the girl so he must not have had a problem with it.
HUMOR: 1. Well maybe he actually has a fantastic sense of humor... if so we never see it.
INTELLIGENCE: 3. Who knows if he even has NEED of intelligence... everyone else runs his life for him! He simply says he likes a girl and the whole kingdom goes out of their way to find her. So he's gotta be kinda smart at least right?

Most Swoonworthy moment: Gotta be the dance of romance!

#8 Ever After - Prince Henry

LOOKS: 3. I've never really seen the appeal to him physically, then again maybe he just needs to smile more... and get better hair.
PERSONALITY: 2.5. He can be pretty arrogant and closed minded. But... he does have his moments.
LOYALTY: 2. He turns on Danielle PRETTY fast, and on top of it adds to her humiliation by telling her not to address him informally. Ouch.
HUMOR: 2. He enjoys Danielle's occasional quips, but in general it seems like he takes himself way too seriously.
INTELLIGENCE: 4. Well... he likes reading books. Doesn't that mean they're smart by fairy tale standards?
TOTAL: 13.5

Most Swoonworthy moment: 

#7 Into the Woods - "Cinderella's Prince"

LOOKS: 5. Oh, baby. He might take the whole cake in this category. Too bad it's not the only one that matters...
PERSONALITY: 2. He sums himself up best when he tells Cinderella "I was raised to be charming, not sincere."
LOYALTY: 1. SPOILERS highlight to read: Welp you cheat on your wife you instantly tank this category and the last../end spoilers.
HUMOR: 3. Whether or not it's intentional on his part, this guy makes me laugh.
INTELLIGENCE: 4. In Cinderella's very own words "He's a very smart prince, he's a prince who prepares." He is one of the only Princes with a pretty good game plan, and he recognizes her immediately when he sees her.

Most Swoonworthy moment: I guess we've got to go with AGONY.

#6 A Cinderella Story - Austin Ames

LOOKS: 5. If Chris Pine takes first place in this category, Chad Michael Murray places second.
PERSONALITY: 3.  He's not just a dumb jock! He's got poetry in his soul! But...sometimes he seems like a dumb jock.
LOYALTY: 2.5. Note to Austin Ames: when finding out the identity of your Cinderella, a shake of the head followed by a face palm is NOT an appropriate reaction. Nor is avoidance. Kinda cowardly actually.
HUMOR: 2.5. Most of the time, he's too angsty to find anything funny...but he did laugh at Samantha joke about water not having calories, so he's not completely humorless.
INTELLIGENCE: 3. The boy dreams of Princeton, but can't tell who Samantha is with a simple mask on her face. But he does come up with decent methods to track her down.. and doesn't fall for imposters.

Most Swoonworthy moment:

#5 Faerie Tale Theatre - Prince Henry

LOOKS: 3. Matthew Broderick has a talent in this movie where he simultaneously is adorable and a doofus at the same time. He's cute, but it's hard to say how much sex appeal he actually has. His pickup lines about kissing don't help much either.
PERSONALITY: 3. What I said about his looks applies totally here as well. Simultaneously a sweetie and a dork.
LOYALTY: 5. But you gotta hand it to the guy, he stays loyal to Cinderella even when he does see her covered in soot wearing her ridiculous hat.
HUMOR: 4. He's hilarious whether or not he tries to be.
INTELLIGENCE: 2. Not the brightest Prince of the lot when he had two chances to see her and still didn't ask her name. "What have you been calling her this whole time? Hey, you!?"
TOTAL: 17.

Most Swoonworthy moment: Not sure if he ever FULLY makes anyone swoon, but you can watch the whole movie on youtube!

#4 Rodger's & Hammerstein's '65 - Prince Christopher

LOOKS: 4.5
For his time period, he's a prime specimen. The ideal image for princeliness.
PERSONALITY: 1. I'll be honest... I can't believe the maths let him get this high! He's a total smarmy jerk to all the people he converses with at the ball. Total snob.
LOYALTY: 5. Like I said, those Rodgers and Hammerstein's princes are always true to their girls.
HUMOR: 4. He definitely likes cracking jokes, but as I mentioned in the personality section they're usually pretty mean spirited.
INTELLIGENCE: 3. Didn't recognize Cinderella at the ball, but at least knew her when he saw her at her house.
TOTAL: 17.5

Most Swoonworthy moment: Hands down my favorite song.

#3 The Slipper and the Rose - Prince Edward

LOOKS: 2. Most girls don't want someone more beautiful than them. With those frilly blouses you might often be competing over outfits.
PERSONALITY: 4. He's a pleasant enough guy who cares about his servants love lives!
LOYALTY: 5. Almost the second he sees Cinderella at that ball he pretty much considered her his one true love and his ONLY acceptable companion. His heart was on lockdown at that point and nothing she did or said afterward could make him change his mind.
HUMOR: 2. He's too busy pondering his potential marriage to be cracking jokes.
INTELLIGENCE: 5. He knows who to trust and not to believe lies spun by people with ulterior motives.

Most Swoonworthy moment: Unfortunately I couldn't find a clip, but the moment he rides up to her where he discovers where she is and kisses the heck out of her.

#2 Rodgers & Hammerstein's 1997 - Prince Christopher

LOOKS: 4. He's a very handsome guy, and his awesome voice only adds to his attractiveness.
PERSONALITY: 5. He's just a kind, good guy.
LOYALTY: 5. Ditto what I said on every previous Rodgers & Hammerstein's entry.
HUMOR: 3. He could have topped this whole list if he himself didn't claim in the movie "I don't have much of a sense of humor." Bummer.
INTELLIGENCE: 3. He had a pretty lengthy conversation with her in the beginning of the movie, but must have gotten a case of amnesia when he met her at the ball.
Total: 20

Most Swoonworthy moment: Gotta be this song.

#1 2015 Cinderella - Prince Kit

LOOKS: 4. Believe me, I'm just as stunned as you to have put him topping this category after complaining about him for months haha. In fact... I was sure the Brandy prince would have beat him for sure, but the maths proved otherwise! But back to his looks... in the movie, he's got something about him that makes him pretty appealing. If he could grow a few inches taller he'd be pretty wonderful.
PERSONALITY: 5. He's probably the most well rounded prince on this list and he gives off a really pleasant demeanor. And hey he's is easily talked into showing kindness toward animals.
LOYALTY: 5. He is absolutely loyal to Cinderella from meeting her as a servant, to being enchanted by her at the ball, to finally knowing her real identity.
HUMOR: 3. Not his strongest suit, but he does have the ability to laugh every now and then.
INTELLIGENCE: 5. This is the only prince I think who is never fooled by Cinderella, and he's pretty good at coming up with ways to get what he wants.

Most Swoonworthy moment: Since the movie isn't out, we'll just show this featurette on the Love story... but I like their moment in the secret garden.

Tomorrow THE BEST and WORST Cinderellas will be discussed. Until then? I've decided to give you an extra gift. A PERSONALITY QUIZ!! So if you ever wondered which of these prince you'd be most compatible with, I have your answer RIGHT HERE. In fact.. I've decided to be SO generous that later today you can also check the Stepmothers post from yesterday and find out which one of them is your spirit animal as well.

SECOND BONUS? Another Prince to critique below...

Which prince is your favorite?

Prince Kit - Cinderella 2015
Prince Christopher - Rodgers and Hammerstein's 1997
Prince Charming - Cinderella 1950
Prince Edward - The Slipper and the Rose
Prince Christopher - Rodgers and Hammerstein's 1965
Prince Henry - Faerie Tale Theatre
Prince Henry - Ever After
Austin Ames - A Cinderella Story
Prince Charming - Into the Woods
Prince Christopher - Rodgers and Hammerstein's 1957
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Johanna said...

Okay, I have a lot to say about this one. Richard Chamberlain was a hunk in his day, so the look catagory gave him a leg up. Plus the fact that the story is almost told from his POV not Cinderella's probably scored him higher than prop Prince from Disney's animated.

I'm not too impressed with a prince who is too proud to search and isn't that the case with Disney's? Don't his toadies scour the kingdome for him? Correct me if I'm wrong.

In the one with Hilary Duff, can someone tell me what's so romantic about being dipped while you are dancing? She looks like she's afraid she's going to fall. I just don't get it.

Finally, for the 1965 Prince, sarcasm is not mean if the person you are saying it about doesn't get your jokes. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. He has to do something to let off steam.

But all of those Rogers and Hammerstein princes are certainly helped by those beautiful lyrics and tunes. "I wanted to ring out the bells and fling out my arms and to sing out the news. I have found her. She's an angel. You can tell by the stars in her eyes." I mean, really. If a guy said that about you, wouldn't you fall quickly? But the 1965 prince just seems so sincere and there two things that set him apart and they are little things. 1. The way he touches her cheek. In the Julie Andrews one, the prince touches her like it's just a gesture to move on to the next action. In the 1965 one, he barely skims her cheek as if she is so precious and fragile that he can't believe she's real. Small gesture, but big points. Reminds me of Picnic. You know what I'm talking about. Then the second is the "look." That song that says "It's in his kiss," no way. It's in the look. 1965 brown eyes go so soft and tender. Think Bill Pulman in "While You Were Sleeping" when she walks down the aisle. I saw Downton Abby and Carson looked at the housekeeper...what's her name...and it was romantic and they are both older and more ricketier than me and it worked. So let that be a lesson to you, my girl, it's in his eyes. I stand by my choice!!

Johanna said...

Oh, and I totally forgot the Drew Barrymore one. Isn't this where she has to carry him?

Well, that's not my idea of a fairy tale, but it probably is some 21st century reality if you have a man with a Peter Pan complex. Ew.

Sarah said...

Great post. I will definitely have to see the new version. It looks like that prince is definitely a winner. Points for him for recognizing her throughout and falling for her before he saw her in all her gorgeousness at the ball.

There are some good princes out there. I watched the Julie Andrews version last night. It was weird when his mom tried to convince him that Cinderella might just be a fantasy--either because she is a real fantasy or because she is real but he might not ever see her again. He did have a nice voice though.

Oh, and that SNL clip is one of my most favorite skits ever. It always makes me laugh. Ha ha ha!