All the Kingsmen

Way back near the beginning of January, before this film was even rated I might add, I saw a preview screening of Kingsman: The Secret Service. I hadn't eaten that night and got there right as the movie started, so I opted to take the chance that I wouldn't miss anything if I popped out during the first few minutes. Unfortunately, the workers at the Megaplex were extra slow that night and took their time in getting my order for me. I got back to the movie, sat down, and started to whisper to my movie companion "What'd I miss?" but before I can finish the sentence a stylized fight breaks out on the screen and a person is sliced right in half before my very eyes. And by "in half" I don't mean across the waist... I mean  from the middle of the head down! Let me just tell you... what a way to start a movie! I missed a lot from those minutes spent waiting for the concessions, but what a movie adventure awaited me inside!

This movie is a huge homage to undercover spy movies. From James Bond to Mission Impossible, this movie comments on them all while still being its own unique take. In fact, what sets it apart is the fact that this movie so often comments on what's expected and then does the opposite. There are a few directions this film takes that will completely astonish you. Because this movie surprised me, I found it to be incredibly refreshing. In particular, you expect a movie of this type to have a certain villain, and instead it gives you Samuel L. Jackson in perhaps the most outrageous role he's ever played. His villain is fantastic because he's anything but your average bad guy. That, and he's hilarious.

When it comes down to it, there's really a lot to like about Kingsman. The action choreography the whole way through (and don't mistake me this movie gets REALLY violent), is insanely good and quite the spectacle to behold. Near the end of the movie, though, it gets on a completely different level and you keep thinking, "I CAN'T believe they went there!!" The risks Matthew Vaughn is willing to take are all part of the fun and make Kingsman one of the best and most unique action films to come around in years. Could have done without the last shot though. EMILY RATING: 8.5/10


Sarah said...

Yeah...this is not my kind of movie. It sounds like I would be stressed out the whole time! However, it does sound really interesting and your review was great.

Johanna said...

Can't be seeing this one. Ew.

Good review, though.