Somethings coming. Something good.

Okay look I'm not even close to being done with 2014 yet. Though the year is up, I've still got my worst list to post, my underrated list and of course my BEST list (sorry that last one won't be coming out until February since I'm holding out for seeing Birdman and Nightcrawler on DVD or VOD before being completely sure of my list...) But today we celebrate all what's in store for us in 2015. This is gonna be a good year... and NOT just because it's the year Doc brings Marty to in Back to the Future II (but really that's gotta make it a great year right?) But also this year we've got a Star Wars film, a Jurassic Park film, two Pixar films....and did I mention a Star Wars movie? With that in mind let's recap 


I know one reader of this blog, in particular, who will make it known in the comments how long she has been waiting for the existence of this movie. But I'm excited too! Dinosaurs and Pixar? It's the perfect world to explore. And with the earlier release in the year of Jurassic World, it will be nice to see the warm and fuzzy side of dinosaurs again. Wait there's a warm fuzzy side?? The Good Dinosaur features the voice talents of Neil Patrick Harris, Judy Greer, and Bill Hader. Pretty good voice cast right there if you ask me!


Disney's track record of rides turned movies isn't exactly great. On the one end, you've got Pirates of the Caribbean (and really only the first one was any good..) and on the other you've got The Country Bears Jamboree or The Haunted Mansion. YIKES. But being released in May, they've clearly got confidence in this movie (then again their last May release was.. shudder Maleficent.) The live action portion of Disney is really struggling nowadays with any new material. All they do is basically re-make their animated films into live action versions (and terribly at that..) It's been a long time since any effort was put into a live action film... unless you count The Lone Ranger which was a huge flop. This film could certainly go either way...but it is encouraging it attracted the sights of George Clooney. Then again so did Monuments Men.

8. PAN

I love Joe Wright. He's such an artistically minded director and the one thing you can say about him is that, even though, his films aren't always consistent in their quality... they're consistently unique. For me, his last film Anna Karenina was a beautiful misstep. Fascinating visually... but loses its way for any viewers unfamiliar with the WHOLE story. Other than Anna Karenina, I like him best when he's adapting, so by visiting a world we're all so familiar with in Pan, I'm hoping he's in his element. He's got a lot to play with, and as we see by the trailer he's not bound by telling a straight adaptation... rather he's showing us a prequel. This could definitely go either way, but I'm confident in the fact this is a summer release and not placed somewhere in March or April. Also, after the Peter Pan LIVE! this is gonna look like a masterpiece no matter what.


I'm not gonna lie, as was evidenced in my review of Part 1... I wasn't really thrilled with the first half of our grand Hunger Games finale. But this time we're getting the second half and thus the payoff of that exposition heavy movie we had to sit through in November... so it's gotta at least be more exciting RIGHT? As long as we don't have any remixes of a forlorn J-law songs hitting the radio I think I'll be good. (Please radio stations stop trying to make The Hanging Tree happen. It's like trying to make fetch happen.) 

What exactly do I know about this movie? It's Quentin Tarantino's next movie and it has a cool title. Next.


A LOT is riding on this film. I really love the Terminator franchise and to me it's such a travesty that it hasn't been handled with more care. There's so much potential for stories within this universe, but filmmakers (other than James Cameron) haven't been able to fully take advantage. Here we've got a reboot/sequel/prequel dealie going on here and it could be a massive fail. Then again... I also thought X-men Days of Future Past was biting off more than it could chew last year and it ended up being one of the most fun movies of 2014. Here's hoping this Terminator movie finally gets it right.


Daniel Craig is hands down my favorite Bond ever. In fact, he made me actually care about the series when I was pretty much apathetic to it before. Casino Royale was my favorite, by Skyfall was most excellent too. Please just don't be another Quantum of Solace. That's all I ask. Very little details are known at this point except that Christoph Waltz is playing a villain. What can I say, I enjoy the man and his endless ability to chew scenery. The Bond movies are only as good as their villains, so I hope it works out.

The premise of this Pixar film looks incredibly winsome. And Mindy Kaling and Amy Poehler in the same cast? I can hardly wait. Every Pixar movie has its own world, but exploring the world of human emotion is just brilliant. This looks like it could be the best Pixar film since Up.


Could it be? Yes, it could. Something comin' something GOOD. Coulllllld beeeee. Who knowwwws?  Okay West Side Story singing aside, I really hope and pray this movie is good. Wow, are we noticing a theme here or what? Basically a LOT of movies in 2015 with HUGE potential. This is one of two where a LOT hinges on its success. I know I should be playing it more cautiously optimistic. But that trailer suckered me into a lot of excitement and I just think this could be the best Jurassic Park movie in 20 years. Not a hard feat when you look at The Lost World and Jurassic Park III but STILL. I love the first movie, and if this film honors it... I'll be happy.


Now for that OTHER movie with a lot of potential and a LOT riding on it. Okay, this was no surprise to anyone that even bothered to read the first paragraph. or anyone that knew me my whole entire life. 2015 is the year OF STAR WARS. I can't wait guys. I can't. There is so much riding on this movie, but if I become a child again and lose my ability to reason I apologize in advance. I'm just really excited about this movie. But in my defense, apart from the fact that it's STAR WARS. It is also a JJ Abrams movie with a fantastic cast and the screenwriter who wrote The Empire Strikes Back. So even if it wasn't a Star Wars film... with those credentials alone it'd be on my list. If nothing else good happens to me this year, I will take it in exchange for a critically lauded Star Wars film. That's not asking much right?

Well that ties it up. For Marvel fanboys, sorry I snubbed your movies. Kind of. But I'll put it in the honorable mentions so I don't get death threats.



Johanna said...

Well, the Pixar one about emotions could be good and always important for children to learn how to express theirs. Very intriguing.

Most of the rest is not so much up my alley. :)

Sarah said...

Ahhh...thanks for the shout out. As I have said time and time again, my boys are in need of a Pixar movie about dinosaurs. I didn't know that two Pixar movies were coming out this year though. I am always a fan of family movie nights.

I hope they don't screw up Jurassic Park or Star Wars. Also, you know me, bring on some more Captain America! ;)

feelingfuzzier said...

Some great picks here! Pixar movies must be like buses - you wait all year for one and then two come along at once! I'd completely forgotten about The Good Dinosaur but it's a pretty cute premise :)

Love the blog btw! I'm all subbed and look forward to reading more of you're stuff soon :)