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You didn't think I was going to let the opportunity go by to discuss my thoughts on the brand new Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens teaser trailer did you? What kind Star Wars fan turned film critic do you take me for? For those who are unaware, last Friday our first glimpse of Star Wars Episode VII was given in a brief 88-second teaser... And the internet went crazy. It was fun once again to be a Star Wars fan. But was that teaser really worth all the hype? I discuss my thoughts on it along with some other recently released trailers... including another long awaited sequel to one more important film series in my young cinematic viewing life: Jurassic World.

JURASSIC WORLD. Okay, I'll admit it. I'm a sucker for nostalgia. This trailer goes back to one of the reasons the first movie was so great: the awe and wonder of seeing these dinosaurs exist in the first place. I'm excited to see the park in action because imagining what that park COULD have been, is part of the fun of the first one. Is some of the dialogue a little silly? Yes. But I have confidence in Chris Pratt (who seems to get saddled with most of it,) to pull it off. As long as this is better than the new Godzilla I'll be happy... so that means we need some characters who aren't two dimensional.

AVENGERS 2: THE AGE OF ULTRON.  Note: My apologies to Marvel fanboys. If you get offended easily, please don't hate me and just skip to the next entry. Oh, look another dime a dozen Marvel movie. I appreciated that tonally this trailer felt different than the run of the mill Marvel film, but I don't doubt that the actual movie will be the same vanilla formula I see for each of them. But maybe I'm wrong. (I'm never wrong.) I won't subject you to further Marvel rants and I'll end my thoughts here.

CINDERELLA. Once upon a time there was perhaps the most famous of all fairytales being remade for the umpteenth time. This trailer I thought was beautiful....but legitimately goes through each beat of the story we already all know to the point where I don't feel like it's necessary for ANYONE to see this movie. Short of happily ever after, the trailer gave us a glimpse of every single major moment of this tale. The reason to see it? Cate Blanchett's performance and the lavish production design. Oh and that cat Lucifer. I caught a small glimpse of him and the world can always use more of that cat.

PAN. "Oh great. Just what the world needs. Another Peter Pan movie." That thought might cross your mind when you catch word of another big budget film is due next summer based on that immortal kid. However, after watching this trailer hopefully you will open enough to give a trip to Neverland another go (or two since Peter Pan Live will be airing on television shortly.) Yes we've seen the story of Peter & Wendy, we've seen how J.M Barrie concocted the idea, and we've seen what would happen if Peter grew up and was forced to return to Neverland....so what's left to cover? How he CAME to be Peter Pan of course! This movie seems to act more of a prequel to the traditional story we all know and love, and with Joe Wright at the helm (Pride & Prejudice, Atonement, Anna Karenina) I'm confident that at the very least it will be visually stunning. Plus I'll watch Hugh Jackman in almost anything...except that robot boxing movie.

STAR WARS EPISODE VII: THE FORCE AWAKENS. So..... my expectations (as can be expected from the first Star Wars film in ten years....and a direct continuation of the beloved original trilogy...) were through the roof. Fake trailers emerged here and there so when the real one popped up, I almost didn't know whether I should believe it when I saw the first few seconds of the actual trailer. As such... well I was underwhelmed. I know it's a teaser, and I knew I wouldn't get much out of it minus some images. But I was hoping to see a glimpse of Han, Leia & Luke. I seem to be in the minority though as everywhere I turned people were falling all over it with praise. To be honest it reminded me more of the prequel films than the original trilogy in look...so I was surprised people were so enthusiastic. Everyone is peeing their pants over a three sided lightsaber? Frankly, it looked kind of silly to me and coming up with creative ways to change lightsabers was sone of the things the prequel trilogy did that people got over pretty fast (yeah people geek out over Maul's saber, but how many people mention the General Grievous fight where he had 4?) That said....it's really grown on me the more I watch it and I am excited to see JJ Abrams rendition of Star Wars (I only wish he was doing the whole trilogy.) And as I wrote about HERE I did say I wanted the emphasis to be on the new generation...so I guess I can't be disappointed JJ is giving me exactly what I asked for. The countdown is on.

So what did you think of these trailers? I gotta admit, it was pretty fun to see the response from social media over Jurassic World & The Force Awakens. Makes me feel like a kid again. A kid that lived in a world of facebook and twitter.

ETA: Here's the brand new Terminator Genisys trailer!!

TERMINATOR GENISYS. Don't ask me what the deal is with the dopey spelling of Genesis. But other than that this looks like it's got potential! I could see this going either way. I didn't hate Terminator Salvation, by any means...but I think this is the movie we've been waiting for in terms of what's going on in the war. I'm excited and hopeful this will be good.

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Sarah said...

It looks like there are some fun summer blockbusters to look forward to!

When I have so little time to watch movies these days, I will take fun movies over serious ones any day.