Let my audience go!

Well, if you're wondering why I didn't do a review for Exodus: Gods & Kings, wonder no more. I gave my review as a guest reviewer on the War Machine vs. War Horse podcast instead. So click HERE to listen! We review 3 movies for the price of one! Exodus: Gods & Kings, The Ten Commandments and The Prince of Egypt. Which Moses will rule them all???

..... And for the record I'd probably give Exodus: Gods & Kings a 5.5/10.


Sarah said...

I have listened to most of the podcast and will listen to the rest as soon as I can find the time. You sound great! Lots of interesting observations. I think the child god throwing a tantrum sounds absolutely ridiculous.

It's too bad, because Christian Bale could have been so good.

Johanna said...

Loved the podcast. Lots of good exchanges. But you could have pointed out how good the costumes were in The Ten Commandments. :)

Probably won't see this one until it's in a cheaper venue.