Strikingly Stellar

Wow what a ride! I haven't experienced a movie like that since....well Inception. Because this film was made by the very same director, Christopher Nolan, and was the first original work since that film (since The Dark Knight Rises is of course based off a very popular superhero, even if they did write the story,) my expectations were sky high. Such expectations can be a blessing or a curse, the latter being true of my initial response with Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises. So where would Interstellar fall in the pantheon of great Nolan films? Would it be as mind blowing as Inception? Or perhaps a little more understated like The Prestige? Or maybe it'd be like the intellectual puzzle of Memento. Or would this be the Lady in the Water or Cars type film that marks the first major misstep in an otherwise strong collection of work? Every trailer I saw for Interstellar, I was left kind of underwhelmed. All of the trailers for Nolan's other films were masterpieces by themselves....did they have so little faith in Interstellar? And then at one point I realized they seemed to be holding something back. Little did I know they were holding EVERYTHING back. Everything and the kitchen sink to be exact. The aspirations of storytelling in a visual medium don't get much more lofty than this.

I want to tell you as little as possible about the story. The world's situation is bleak and Matthew McConaughey is sent to find a suitable planet to move mankind to. End synopsis. Trust me, the less you worry about the plot's specifics and the more you allow this film to surprise you the better. Interstellar has the power to grab ahold of your attention and never let go. Sure some of it doesn't make complete sense...but no matter. Sometimes you gotta love something with your heart and not think so much about it with your head, right filmmakers? Am I being too much of a fangirl if I say it makes Gravity look like it was made by preschoolers?

Like Inception, I found myself being blown away by the spectacle, though not necessarily understanding all that was transpiring. Interstellar demands multiple viewings to grasp all its complexities. This movie had many elements to it that reminded me of other movies...I already mentioned Inception, but there were also shades of the storytelling in Signs (ah vintage Shyamalan in his glory days,) and a similar feel to another largely forgotten McConaughey space film: Contact. And hey, why not throw in some 2001: A Space Odyssey in there as well. Well whatever movies inspired the Nolan brothers they sure blended them together into something truly spectacular that still somehow felt completely original and new. You could easily look at this film with a skeptics eye if you wanted to, but I urge you not to. Allow yourself to experience one of the greatest cinematic adventures of this century (eat your heart out Avatar) and SEE THIS MOVIE. Preferably on as big of a screen as possible. Chris Nolan, I can't wait to see what you have in store for the world next. EMILY RATING: 10/10

EMILY CAUTIONARY NOTE: Please do not blame me for filling you with high expectations and then you hating the movie (or hating me as much as Murph hates her dad.) I am just one girl's opinion. Just tell yourself it looks like garbage and Emily doesn't know what she's talking about, see the movie yourself and form your own opinion!


Johanna said...

But will I like it?

Sarah said...

Well, it definitely sounds intriguing. Am I going to feel as tense as I did while watching Inception? :)

Emily said...

Yes. Actually come to think of it, YOU might hate it Sarah. Mom could like it.

Regu Vardan said...

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