Dinner & A Movie: Takashi

Tonight's edition of Dinner & A Movie takes place at a restaurant that is often dubbed by many as "the best place to get sushi in Utah." That's all fine and good.... unless you're not really a sushi person. GASP! The cardinal foodie sin right? Well it's true. I don't like raw things wrapped in seaweed. So for all you sushi lovers out there, it only seemed right to take someone who could better represent your interests. As such, I will give you the sushi-less options, while my sister Laurie will address the food Takashi is famous for.

$ = 5-10 avg. per entree 
$$ = 10-15 avg. per entree 
$$$ = 15-20 avg. per entree 
$$$$ = 20-30 avg. per entree 
$$$$$ = $30+ and above per entree.

Takashi is $$$

RATINGS: 1 star = Poor, 2 stars = fair, 3 stars = good, 4 stars = very good, and 5 stars = AMAZING. 


Takashi can be found right next door to the Melting Pot in Salt Lake City. To be more specific, you can find it at 18 W Market St, Salt Lake City. It's tucked into the city in a small side street off Main, and when you come upon it, you can't help but feel you stumbled onto a great secret. The exterior of the building is inviting with beautiful architecture and windows showing you the charming lantern lights that await you when you walk inside. They practically cover the ceiling when you look up...and it's lovely. But that's not the only thing hanging from the ceiling; right over the sushi bar is a giant fish to remind everyone what they're here to eat. I found the ambiance to be very hip, fun & modern...if not a little loud and crowded. But such is the feel of a hopping sushi bar right? It would be nice to have a bit more space...but the abundance of the lantern lights was too charming for me to ignore. SCORE: 4


So far I have yet to give any restaurant a glowing review in this category, but thankfully that changes now! The service at Takashi was terrific! With my restaurants thus far, I've had a lot to nitpick...but with Takashi I had absolutely no complaints, which is even more impressive considering how busy they were! My water glass was never less than halfway full (or halfway empty for you pessimists out there...) yet we were never forced into pointless small talk with an uninterested waiter. He was attentive enough without interrupting private conversations. But the best thing was that our food came promptly and constantly! And they were accommodating enough to offer a menu item that my sister described that wasn't currently on their menu. That earns a perfect score in my book! SCORE: 5


Here is where Laurie's expertise is gonna be more valuable than mine to those looking to enjoy this restaurant's speciality. But for the non-sushi lover listen up! Unfortunately I feel like my experience at Takashi was inconclusive...I'm simply gonna have to explore more of the alternative menu items before I can commit to loving really loving the restaurant as a whole. Though I don't care for sushi, I do really like Japanese food....particularly my go to dish of chicken katsu. Laurie suggested that maybe katsu is the junk food meal of Japanese cuisine, and that this place was too high class for it. How frightfully rude is that?! (Even if it might be true...) In any event, I had to adjust to not having my signature Japanese favorite there...and I had to be a bit more adventurous than usual. At Laurie's suggestion, I ordered the green papaya salad, we shared an order of vegetable tempura (another one of my staples for Japanese cuisine) and for my main course I got the pork ribs. The flavors of the papaya salad were delicious! But...not really what I was expecting. It had that healthy crunch that as a lover of junk kinda took some getting used to. The tempura was perfect...but it's not like you can come to a restaurant only for the tempura right? The dessert, which was a mango mousse was very good! I only wish I had more of it to eat! But I was full enough not to care too much. 

As for my main course... while the sauce it swam in was tasty, it definitely was too difficult to eat with chopsticks (my bad for not asking for a fork..) Also, as a rib it was intentionally, although unfortunately charred. I'm not a huge fan of charring meats, so I was a bit disappointed. I wanted to taste the softness of the meat and the wonderful flavor of the sauce...not so much the char flavor which kind of overpowered the dish. So I'm gonna be generous and give the food an overall 4, though for me my entree probably was just a 3. Unfortunately Takashi's menu isn't online for me to copy and paste the direct descriptions of each menu item we ordered. But you can find pictures of the menu on urbanspoon HERE. So if you're discouraged I wasn't in love with the food...if you're a sushi fanatic you're good to go. I just have to try out a couple more things before I can commit to loving Takashi.


So Takashi met all 3 criteria, but for me personally was weakest on the most important of the 3...being the food. However, since the ambience & service were so good I'm more than willing to try again to see if there's something there that I'd just love. After all the starters & salads were quite yummy. But now to hear from our resident sushi expert..

LAURIE SAYS My evening at Takashi was not my first dining experience there. When Emily won her loot I called first dibs on Takashi because it is SO GOOD. Not just so good. It is THE BEST sushi in Salt Lake City. In fact, I dare to say its some of the best sushi I've ever had. Since Emily is not a sushi afficianado, take her rating in context. Ordering anything other than sushi here is like ordering Chicken at a seafood restaurant. So hands down I would rate their food as a 5/5. We each got the miso soup (a staple, and tasty, although it could have used some tofu) the delectable green papaya salad (shredded green papaya, carrots and cilantro with crushed peanuts in a chili dressing- tart, sweet and spicy, very refreshing) And we shred an order of veggie tempura. I loved it all, but the main star was the sushi. I ordered the Strawberry Fields roll and a dragon roll. The strawberry fields roll is so unique, complex and delicious-it is unlike anything I have ever eaten. Each visit to Takashi I have ordered this because it is the type of food you never forget. It is amazing! The last time I went to Takashi, which was years ago, I ordered a roll called the Snow White. It wasn't on the menu, but the server said they'd make it for me. I so wish I had ordered it. The Dragon roll was yummy, but pretty standard. The Snow White, is like the Strawberry Field- completely unique to Takashi and unlike anything you've ever eaten. It has salmon, mint, basil and coconut. Oh It is divine. If you are a sushi fan- I can't reccoment Takashi enough. Excellent service, fun and hip ambience, and most importantly mouth watering sushi. Can't wait to go back and get that Snow White roll!

So there you have it! Laurie agreed on my scores for ambiance & service...but she gives it a 5 for food and calls it the perfect sushi experience.

& A MOVIE. Laurie's stay home suggestion was a good rewatch of the 80's classic The Karate Kid. Who doesn't love Mr. Miyagi? Well apparently me since I'm responsible for his death by refusing to watch this movie the night before he died (according to my siblings.) So right my wrongs and pair these two together! If you're looking for a night out...a movie from a franchise you may have heard of hits theaters tomorrow.... unless you've been living in a cave that is. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 is the hot ticket for blockbuster lovers. Look for my review tomorrow!


Johanna said...

I have been to this restaurant, am a sushi eat, but not absolutely in love with it. And I can tell you that this is wonderful! The experience is one of the best in Salt Lake.

Sarah said...

This looks like a great restaurant. That Strawberry Fields roll sounds awesome (as does the Snow White roll).

The ambiance looks great. I will have to go there with Jeremiah sometime.

I didn't know that about The Karate Kid. Ha ha!