Horrorthon 2014 Recap

Happy Halloween my faithful readers!! Tonight's the night...when unfortunately the window for my horror viewing comes to a close. As always I'm sad to say goodbye to the genre. But before I put away my scary movies for good until 2015, let me pause and reflect on my viewing experience for the month. This year I saw the good, the bad and the ugly! The quality ranged from the bland, to the classic. I watched A LOT of movies, so I'll try to keep my thoughts on each film brief. What movies did you watch this year? And as always, any suggestions for next year is always appreciated!

Annabelle - A good looking couple, some really tense moments and a Rosemary's baby vibe. I'm in the minority, but I liked it. My full review HERE

An American Werewolf in London - This is quite possibly, the best werewolf movie I've ever seen. It's a few laughs short of a good horcom...but as a horror film itself it's quite effective!

The Silence of the Lambs - It's taken me 22 years to finally see this film, and my goodness it's terrifying. Probably one of the scariest movies I've ever seen since it's based so closely in reality.

Ouija - From one of the best movies (see above) to one of the worst. Ouija is kinda entertaining in that so bad it's good kinda way...but that's it. Full review HERE

The Descent - This might just be the most intense horror film I happened to see this year...and a lot of it is mostly due to claustrophobia. A horror film set in a cave? It's all kinds of scary.

Jennifer's Body - So this film is pretty trashy. There's no way around that. I caught in on tv and was still pretty surprised what was shown. It's all very stupid...but still there's something about the humor I appreciate (that an indie band felt they had to get into the occult to make it big is just amusing to me.)

Shutter - I remember hearing good things about this movie, and then I caught it on tv. I'm not sure horror movies can get more vanilla than this! Then I realized it was an American remake and all the good things I'd heard were about the Thai original. Oops.

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil - This horror comedy about two hillbillies was undoubtedly one of my favorite finds of the season. Absolutely hilarious.

The Mist - This Steven King horror film about survivors trapped in a supermarket examines the ugly side of humanity when fear creeps in. I just wish it had better special effects.

The Fog - No I'm not talking about the remake, but the original 1980 film from John Carpenter. I'll be honest...it had its moments, but it never grabbed my full attention.

Gremlins - This weird little horror film has a special place in my heart for all its ridiculousness.

Oculus - This story of a haunted mirror came out earlier this year left me wanting more. Nothing is ever really explained, but I like the capability it has to descend everyone into madness. I loved the way this story was told.

What We Do in the Shadows - I actually saw this horror comedy in the summer, but forgot to include it on my list of horror comedies! For shame! It totally has a Flight of the Conchords-esque humor...if that's what you're into.

Trick 'r Treat - This horror anthology covers four different stories told on Halloween night. Unfortunately some are miles better than others. Anna Paquin's storyline kinda ruins the movie for me. It's too bad an entire movie wasn't made about the kids and the school bus, because THAT I'd adore.

Carnival of Souls -  I watched this back when I was preparing my horror gems list back in August, and rewatched it in October. It's creepy...but it's best to watch it alone to really amp up the unsettling vibe.

City of the Dead - Anther one I watched back in August, this one was all about witches. And you know what? There's just not enough movies about that. At least good ones. This was like Psycho meets the Salem witch trials. Plus it's got Christopher Lee.

House on Haunted Hill - I watched the Vincent Price classic at the beginning of October and it's a treat. It's definitely got the classic horror vibe. Its biggest downside is it has a REALLY annoying female character that screams at just about everything.

The Changeling - This creepy chiller really has got it all. From music boxes, to wells, seances and the like. Almost everything you name that defines the horror genre can be found here.

The Awakening - This was one of the blander movies I saw all season. It's too bad because it started off with promise and then ends in a bunch of confusion. Plus its big twist kinda makes everything that happened before seem silly to be afraid of.

Peeping Tom - This movie totally felt like a Hitchcock film. With some great dialogue and a terrifying premise (a man has a fetish of filming the women he kills,) I found it fascinating.

Spider Baby - This movie...was pretty odd. It's got the chipper 1960's obligatory theme song at the beginning, yet it's trying to be demented. I fell asleep...

The Strangers - This movie was kind of terrifying because you get the sense the whole time that this is something that could actually happen to you. Along with The Descent, I probably felt the most unsettled after this one.

Burnt Offerings - This is just a great haunted house movie. Not a lot of tricks here. Just a lot of slowly going insane. 

And of course, a whole lot of Are You Afraid of the Dark?

And that's a wrap! But let me leave you with a couple treats. I decided to try my hand at trailer making (okay only one I made from scratch...the other I used my imovie trailer template app...) but I had to share my two finished products.

This is what happens when your young women's leader loves horror movies and is a video editor...

And this is what happens when you buy a new iPhone and discover trailer templates on iMovie


courtney wightman said...

i SO agree that there are far too few movies about witches. COME ON!

Sarah said...

Wow, did you really watch all of these movies this month? That is a lot! I absolutely LOVED the previews. Ha ha ha!

Emily said...

Um. There were two I watched in August. Haha!