Doll Face

The month has come once again where I celebrate the horror genre and I couldn't be happier. Ringing in the season of scares comes the movie Annabelle, which is somewhat of a prequel/spin-off to last year's wildly successful The Conjuring. Now before we begin, let's get some things straight. There are varying levels of quality within this genre. There are the classics, there's the very good, there are the solidly entertaining ones, and then there is garbage. Sometimes after being treated to the very good, something that's solidly entertaining can be a letdown. Such I feel was the case with Insidious 2 after following The Conjuring, and I think history is repeating itself again. Annabelle is opening to terrible reviews, and yet I found myself thoroughly entertained. So who to believe? Me or the critics? I'll break down both perspectives and you can make up your own mind!

CRITICS SAY: It is far inferior to the film the doll originated from The Conjuring

EMILY SAYS: As I established, it is true that there are varying degrees of quality in the horror genre. When one is closely related to another in terms of release or in the same series, it's hard not to compare the two...But just because the quality level isn't the same, doesn't mean the gap is as widespread as your disappointment makes it seem. This movie won't be a new classic, but that doesn't mean it can't sufficiently entertain and thrill you!

CRITICS SAY: It's full of cheap scares.

EMILY SAYS: If you suspend disbelief and allow yourself to enjoy the ride, there's fun to be had and it's not cheap fun! Watching a horror film in a theater is so fabulous as the audience shares their collective screams with one another, and in this theater there were some great moments. And quite a few of them were very much earned. Yes, you do kind of have to let go of the fact that at times a creepy hideous doll is behind the scares...there's no way around that. Just roll with it.

CRITICS SAY: It borrows too much from other horror films.

EMILY SAYS: What horror movie these days don't borrow from one another? Unfortunately, there aren't many new ideas are there...but that isn't just the horror genres problem! The Conjuring is one of the best horror films of the last five years...but what is it besides a well made The Exorcist meets The Amityville Horror? So yes, Annabelle is kinda Rosemary's Baby meets Child's Play meets Insidious. Besides, we haven't had a good cult horror flick in awhile.

So yeah. Haters be telling you this movie is awful, but trust me it's no Ring 2. EMILY RATING: 6.5/10


Sarah said...

Ha ha! The Ring 2 was awful! What were they thinking?

Well, this movie looks plenty creepy, that's for sure. Horror isn't one of my favorite genres, but one of these days when I am in the mood for a good scare, I will keep The Conjuring and its prequel in mind. :)

Johanna said...

I do not understand how they can keep pumping out horror films but can't put out a decent rom com. Why did that genre have to die and this one live on....zombie on....or whatever....