Dinner & A Movie: Gourmandise

Thanks to Downtown SLC I have something to consistently review besides movies and the occasional travel destination. Today the blog reaches a new territory as I begin reviewing restaurants! After winning the Dine O' Round (I wrote about being nominated HERE,) I've decided to document each restaurant experience here for the good of all my readers. People always ask me for good food recommendations in Salt Lake and in a years time I will be an expert. But in the meantime you can be a part of the adventure here as I tell you about each dining experience and then recommend the perfect movie(s) to top it off. Hey, you knew I had to tie in movies somehow...so I present to you the first edition of Dinner & A Movie: Gourmandise.

It was a tough decision trying to figure out which of all the many gift cards to use first, but when it finally came down to it I wanted my first stop on the Dine O' Round winning tour to be an old reliable. With that decision in mind, my friends and I chose Gourmandise, the deliciously yummy bakery and restaurant that's one of our favorites in such a category. During the Dine O' Round in September I came to an understanding that I judge restaurants by 3 criteria, and in order for me to want to return to said restaurant, 2 out of the 3 categories must be done well. Number one and most importantly is the food itself, number two is the ambiance, and number three (which can sometimes make or break the whole thing) is the service.

$ = 5-10 avg. per entree 
$$ = 10-15 avg. per entree 
$$$ = 15-20 avg. per entree 
$$$$ = 20-30 avg. per entree 
$$$$$ = $30+ and above per entree.

Gourmandise can range from $-$$

RATINGS: 1 star = Poor, 2 stars = fair, 3 stars = pretty good, 4 stars = very good, and 5 stars = AMAZING. 

#1. The Food.

I ordered the Brie & Bartlett Panini, described by the menu as:
Grilled ciabatta bread drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, layered with smoked ham, brie, 
sun-dried cherries, Bartlett pears, caramelized onions and baby spinach… exquisite! I held the onions obviously, and I was more than pleased with my sandwich. I'm a sucker for brie, so to find it on any sandwhich I'm usually pretty delighted. I was a bit disappointed because I didn't come on a Saturday...because the special then was a brie & BACON sandwich. Brie & Bacon? Sign me up! For dessert I ordered the peach (fun fact: I learned about the peach on a horrible date where our waitress was flirting with my date the whole time. The whole thing wasn't completely fruitless with the discovery of the peach. Pun intended,) and I must say it might just be the epitome of deliciousness. In the menu it's described as: Brioche pastry soaked in peach syrup, hollowed and filled with light custard, dusted with sugar. What they neglect to mention it also has little marzipan leaves on it. Delectable! SCORE: 4

"The Peach" in all its glory. Amelia ordered a slice of passionfruit cake.

For Gourmandise FULL MENU go HERE

#2. The Ambiance. 

One of the finalists in the D O'R picture contest was taken at Gourmandise and what made that picture so great was undoubtedly the ambiance. The patio decked out with lights is simply adorable, but the inside of the restaurant is really nice too! Though at times it can be somewhat on the loud side, the place as a whole really is just quite charming. It's a great place to visit year round, but summers on that patio are probably the loveliest. SCORE: 4

#3. The Service. 

Did I mention how the last time I was here my waitress flirted with my date all night? Haha okay okay, I won't judge THAT server, I'll write about the one last night. In her defense, she did try to take our order a few times but we had table visitors so she gave us more time before returning. A bit too much time. But I won't fault her on that. The place was hopping that night, so she was forgetful on some things (like that she never gave me my side chips, and said she would but....never did) and unfortunately pretty slow in getting us our check (the moment of truth for a server as Amelia says.) SCORE: 2 

So there you have it. 2/3 requirements met for me! But what did my dining companions think??

COURTNEY SAYS: the gourmet grilled cheese sandwich at gourmandies was a wholly welcomed departure from the run of the mill grilled cheese sandwich. with feta, caramelized onions, and sun dried tomatoes, you can't go wrong. feta!? you say, that's right. feta on a grilled cheese sandwich. who da thunk? but what is most appealing about this salt lakery frenchery bakery is their desserts. oh the desserts. for me, it's tiramisu in a cup. and it's HEAVEN. go! and be full.

AMELIA SAYS: I loved the Brie Bartlett Panini (A combination of smoked ham, brie, sun-dried cherries, Bartlett pears, caramelized onions, and baby spinach). It was a unique spin on your usual cafĂ© sandwich, but still had all the hallmarks of a comfort food (hearty bread, satisfying portions, and warm, gooey cheese). If you want to take it to an even better place, trade in your boring chips for the fruit side. Instead of getting stuck with the typical, underwhelming mountain of honey dew, you’ll get a lovely mix of fresh fruit (that in my case included a good dose of yummy raspberries). Oh, and whatever you do, don’t skip dessert!! It’s hard to go wrong, so take your time perusing the big glass case and try something new.

& A movie: If you want a night out Saint Vincent and Fury are in theaters. I haven't seen either, but both are getting good reviews. For a night in, desiring to revel in Halloween-ness? The French thriller Diabolique (I wrote about yesterday,) would be an excellent choice. Not wanting to watch anything scary? Amelie and Gourmandise are a match made in heaven.

Gourmandise is located 250 S 300 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84111.


Amelia said...

I think this is the beginning of a beautiful segment. Food and movies were just meant to be together. Love all these pics!!

Sarah said...

Yum. I could go for an amazing dessert right now! That bakery is awesome. I have only ever had desserts there. I guess it is time to branch out!

Johanna said...

One of the best bakeries I have ever been to, however their cookies leave a little to be desired, but the pastries.....ah, the pastries.....

Fun experience. We got a gift card there once for dinner and it was yum!