Dining Around - Cinema Style

Have I ever told you about Salt Lake City's fabulous event that happens once every September? It's called the "Dine O' Round." What is that you say? Well, I'll tell you. It is quite simply a food lover's dream come true. Fifty-five of the best and nicest restaurants around town, come up with a special 2 item lunch for only $5 or $10 for two whole weeks! But it's not just lunch where you get a deal. These restaurants also offer a 3-course dinner for $15 and $30 for the really high-end restaurants.

I'm afraid this year's Dine O' Round has come and gone, but you, my friends, can help me celebrate it all year long. You see, I'm a finalist in a photography competition held by Downtown SLC to win one gift card from each of the fifty-five restaurants that participated. That means if I won I'd have a happy tummy for a full year! Please go like my picture and comment on it HERE. And as a token of my love and affection, I present to you a list of 10 memorable television and movie restaurants and what their fictional Dine O' Round menus would be.

MONKS COFFEE SHOP - SEINFELD. Oh man. I could have done an entire post on Seinfeld restaurants! Atomic Sub, Hop Sings, Paisanos, and Reggies would all be fabulous places to dine I'm sure....but our fictional Dine O' Round would not be complete without the famous coffee shop that the fab four regularly inhabit. It's not fine dining by any means, but it's comfort food at its finest. DINE O' ROUND MENU: Rubber Band Soup, a BIG salad and a slice of Apple Pie.

LES DEUX MOULINS - AMELIE. There are two reasons to come to this cafe. Number one: it's in Paris so the food is most likely delicious. Number two: to observe the amusing behavior between the regulars and the employees. Food and ambience make for a winning combination, and depending on who you get to serve you, (and whether or not they have such a crush on you that they melt into a puddle before they can help you...) you'll be satisfied. DINE O' ROUND MENU: Artichoke appetizer, Poulet aux gratin for the main course and creme brulee with strawberries for dessert.

KATZ'S DELI - WHEN HARRY MET SALLY. Everyone who goes here seems to be very vocal about how desirable and satisfying their food is. Like Monk's, it's a bit on the quaint side but the pleasure one can derive from their food seems to make up for it. DINE O' ROUND MENU: Turkey bacon & avocado sandwich with a side of pecan pie.

CHEZ QUIS - FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF. This French restaurant is right in the heart of Chicago and one of the finest eatery options in the city. It is the top dining choice for Businessmen and sausage kings of Chicago alike! The only downside is you may have to deal with a snooty Maitre D'. DINE O' ROUND MENU: Pancreas with a side of sausage. 

I weep for the future.

MOS EISLEY CANTINA BAR - STAR WARS. Okay...so the food options here are kinda limited. Instead visiting this restaurant on the desert planet of Tatooine is all about the live music and the ambiance! Plus I hear they make a killer blue milk drink. DINE O' ROUND MENU: Blue milk drink and a lightsaber scuffle.

JACKRABBIT SLIM - PULP FICTION. Who doesn't like a good 50's themed diner? Especially one where you have the chance to practice all your killer dance moves! Some have described it as "a wax museum with a pulse," but pay no attention to comments like that! The Buddy Holly waiters that sound like Steve Buscemi make everything worth it. DINE O' ROUND MENU: Nothin simpler than a burger & shake!

CAFE 80'S - BACK TO THE FUTURE 2. What's the only thing better than a 1950's themed diner? A 1980's themed cafe! Really though, when are those things gonna exist? It's only a year until 2015 now! Michael Jackson on the radio and Ronald Reagan on the telly. What more could you want? Plus you get to eat your food and burn calories at the same time when you eat at the exercise bike tables! DINE O ROUND MENU: Mesquite Grilled Sushi or the Cajun Special. With a Pepsi.

BLUTH'S BANANA STAND - ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT. Unfortunately, there's no savory option here, but you could always grab something at Skip Church's or Klimpy's (either a plate or a platter) before heading over to the banana stand. It's best to go on a day when the oldest Bluth gets roped into being a mascot for the stand. DINE O ROUND MENU: Cornballs (for a limited time only) and chocolate covered bananas with nuts.

GUSTEAU'S - RATATOUILLE. The food here is FABULOUS. It just might be better not to know exactly who it is that's preparing it. The restaurant's storied history though is enough to intrigue critics and food aficionados alike. Also again, we happen to be in Paris...so that's a bonus. DINE O ROUND MENU: Ratatouille of course with a side of Remy's special soup.

PIG BURGERS - BETTER OFF DEAD. The management isn't too friendly, nor are the regular customers (particularly ones that make pig squeals at you...) But, if you happen to come after hours you can enjoy some fine saxophone music and a different cuisine (albeit frozen...) than what is usually on the menu. DINE O' ROUND MENU: Salisbury steak & apple sauce.

HONORABLE MENTIONS: The Uprising (Anna's bakery in Stranger Than Fiction,) Bo Ling Chop Suey Palace (A Christmas Story,) Arnolds (Happy Days) The Max (Saved by the Bell) Uncle Moe's Family Feed Bag (The Simpsons)

Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments, and don't forget to VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!


Johanna said...

What about the restaurant in "Waitress."

I would want to eat in the one in "Mostly Martha."

And I would want to eat in the one in "Hello Dolly," especially their private rooms, but only if I could come down the stairs in a beaded gown.

Emily said...

Waitress! That's a good one. I can't believe I forgot it.

Sarah said...

I was surprised you forgot waitress too...especially since you and your friends had a pie night dedicated to the pies she made. :)

I would maybe like to get a pizza at the Swedish pizza parlor from Top Secret. Fun music, and how did they get their cheese to be so stretchy?

Johanna said...

Sarah, that made me laugh out loud. I had forgotten that. But wouldn't you always want to eat at the restaurant that had a little German?