Bored Games

The Halloween horror marathon continues and this week I was able to add a brand new release to my viewing list Ouija (fyi: full recap of said list coming next week.) When I first heard a movie based on the age old game was being made, I was mildly excited and cautiously optimistic. How has there never been a movie made before this, whose plot revolved around the myths associated with the game?? A movie with such a premise could be awesome with the right script, a solid cast and talented filmmakers behind it all.....or it could be a ridiculous teeny bopper horror lite movie based on a board game. My friends, I'm afraid to say it is the latter.

As I said when I was reviewing Annabelle, there's a quality scale that all horror movies fall into. The tensely effective horror films such as Sinister, The Conjuring and The Descent can be found at the top of the totem pole, decently entertaining horror flicks like Annabelle fall in the middle, and then Ouija finds its way at the very bottom (well maybe no lower than something like The Unborn or The Apparition.) The story is nothing new. Someone dies, a house is discovered to be haunted, and a mystery must be solved. Ouija's biggest problem though with this movie, other than how uninspired and generic it is, is how cheap the scares are. A note to filmmakers: loud volumes do not equal a genuine scare. The fake out scares are out of control in this movie, and there's just a lot that's way too convenient (how long are your friends parents out of town for that you can constantly use their house to play with the ouija board??)

Also to the film's detriment is the fact that at times, it is unintentionally hilarious....and I wasn't the only one who thought so. There were definitely a few chucklefests happening in my screening, and that only made everything seem even more preposterous. To put it in context, let's just say the screenwriter would have you believe that "Hi friend" is the new "redrum." You can't make this stuff up folks! So unless you're a sucker for stupid movies that you can laugh at (which I am..) and attempt (successfully) to predict then it's probably best to avoid this one. EMILY RATING: 3/10.


Sarah said...

Ha ha! I love when everyone laughs together in a movie theater because it is so bad it is funny. :)

Johanna said...

I had a board like that when I was young. We could never get it to work. :)