A Sense of Hormor

Once upon a time I discovered a cross breed of two very different genres; a strange concoction that would quickly become one of my very favorite movie classifications. I speak to you today about a topic very dear to my heart: the horror comedy.  A good horror comedy is as rare as a precious stone. This is because with two genres that are polar opposites like this, you have to walk the finest of lines to get it quite right. If you make it too scary, the audience will be too tense to laugh at anything. On the flip side, if you make it too funny you run the risk of crossing into outright spoof territory. Over the past few years I've come across a handful of films worthy of the genre. Here's some of my favorites.

CABIN IN THE WOODS (2012) - What if horror tropes only existed to appease some type of horror film deity? The answer is Cabin in the Woods. The ending has grown on me over time (at first I HATED it...) but the real reason to watch this film isn't for the scares. It's for the nods. And if you are a true horror buff you can appreciate all the pokes at every possible horror cliche. It's a hoot. Previous entries on the film HERE and HERE

TUCKER & DALE VS. EVIL  (2010) - The newest addition to the list of my favorite horror-coms is this tale of two hillbilly buddies with horrible luck. This movie, like Cabin in the Woods turns the horror genre on its ear and the results are hilarious. I only saw it merely a few days ago and it's already an instant favorite. I won't give away much about the plot because it's best to be surprised, so with that said I advise you not to watch the trailer before you see this movie whatever you do! It gives everything away. Just know it's side splittingly funny (pun intended)...and also contains gore of the hilarious variety.

ZOMBIELAND (2009) - The zom-com wasn't introduced here, but this film still happens to be one of my favorites to that entry. A lot of that is due to one of the best cameos in film history (yeah I'm saying it.) But even apart from that, the film boasts and awesome ensemble cast and a lot of wit. There's a big debate about whether or not it's as good as Shaun of the Dead, but I'm here to tell you there's room in your heart for both. Previous entries HERE and HERE

DRAG ME TO HELL (2009) - This horror com is an acquired taste, and I don't say that lightly. But if you can appreciate the fact that this bizarre humor is in fact intended and just go with the ride...it's simply marvelous. This film is brutal to the senses but one of the most gripping films I can think of. It DEMANDS your attention and if you're willing to submit you'll have a great time. If you have a sense of hormor anyway. Previous entries HERE and HERE

SHAUN OF THE DEAD (2004) - The other zom-com on the list contains some very good dry humor...which happens to be one of my favorite types of humor. These band of survivors try their best to blend in with the brainless flesh eating monsters. It's either that or join them! Simon Pegg is a love him or hate him kind of guy for some people, and thankfully I'm pretty fond of him and his collaborations with Edgar Wright. Previous post HERE

THE EVIL DEAD TRILOGY (1981-1992) - Sam Raimi truly is the king of horror comedy and it is never more evident than in the Evil Dead trilogy. The best and most outrageous of the lot is undoubtedly Evil Dead 2. The humor gore is at an all time high...and it's wonderful. But the other installments have more than worthy moments of horror humor. You don't get much darker comedy than this! Previous entry HERE

THE 'BURBS (1989) - Toward the end of our list we get things a bit more balanced toward the comedic side, but I think The 'Burbs qualifies enough as a great horror comedy. The 'Burbs is a Rear Window-esque tale with a tough of hilarity. Like Rear Window, it centers around a man who is convinced his new neighbor is a murderer. Unlike Rear Window, he and his neighbors take a more ridiculous approach to the situation. And of course hilarity ensues.

BEETLEJUICE (1988) - Okay I'll be honest. I'm not really sure WHAT genre this crazy movie belongs to. But whatever it is, it will always own a weird place in my heart. Not THAT funny and not THAT scary...the movie falls more on the weird side. But if that's what your in the mood for it is its own kind of fabulous.

GREMLINS (1984) - Who doesn't have fond memories for this bizarre little horror movie that somehow makes you chuckle? This oddball little feature (and no I'm not talking specifically about Gizmo,) is a fun throwback to the B-movie creature films of the 1950's. The subject of the horror itself is the joke in this film....the key is you've got to allow yourself to be "in" on the joke.

GHOSTBUSTERS (1984)- Probably the closest to straight comedy on our list, but don't forget the film's actual subject matter. The ghosts here range from scary, mildly scary and to the ridiculous. But it's the ridiculous ghosts that help make this one of the funniest movies ever (specifically the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man). That and Bill Murray.

If there's any that I missed I'd love some more recommendations!


Sarah said...

Well, Ghostbusters is definitely one of the best. Also, you definitely got it right that we aren't quite sure what genre Beetlejuice fits into, but even so, it is a fun movie.

The 'Burbs always makes me laugh. :)

Sarah said...

You need to do a murder mystery post. Clue, Murder By Death, And Then There Were None/Ten Little Indians, etc. need their place in the sun! Those are some great Halloween movies too!

Michelle said...

Is Hocus Pocus too bad to make it on your list?

Emily said...

Oh I consider that more of a Halloween family film than a horror film.