A-maze-ing or A-meh-zing?

Didn't you know? Adapting YA (that's young adult to the unaffiliated,) novels about teens living in a dystopian world is all the rage! The heroine leads got their movies in The Hunger Games and Divergent and with The Giver in August and The Maze Runner out tomorrow we've been presented with the male perspective. So is The Maze Runner worth your time? If these YA adaptations are your thing, I say yes. But if you couldn't care less about Katniss, Tris or the whole lot of them? Skip it. That said, my long time movie viewing companion who loved Divergent HATED this movie. Meanwhile, I thought it was pretty average; aka on par with Divergent.

So what is it about? A young lad wakes up in a cage that takes him to a weird civilization of other teenage boys. They inform him that they are living on a small patch of land surrounded by a maze that no one has ever been able to find their way out of. In fact, no one has been able to survive a night in this mysterious maze that closes its doors(?) every night. Each day, a maze runner is assigned the task of running around the maze and memorizing it, in hopes to find a way out. The brash young fella wants his chance, but of course noobs aren't allowed to become maze runners. Yadda yadda yadda, his arrival in the camp changes things forever.

I REALLY feel like there should be a sheep in this picture...

What's good? There are some genuine thrills to be found in that maze, and it's all generally entertaining. I haven't read the book to say this with authority, but I liked most of the casting choices. What's bad? Some of the characters are merely archetypical or stereotypical (the bully, the leader, the new kid, the fat kid, etc..) rather than actually having any type of dimension... which leads to a lot of really formulaic/predictable moments. Many things throughout the movie are kept vague and mysterious for dramatic effect, and my movie companion lost patience or interest in what those things were rather quickly. Also, there are plot holes a plenty! So...if you want to enjoy it, shutting off the brain is a requirement...which I guess for the most part I chose to do. If you can do all that, you'll find this movie entertaining enough...but ultimately forgettable. EMILY RATING: 6/10

Sorry folks, that's all. The movie drought continues. :(