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I've been putting off writing this review for almost two weeks now....because I know I'm bound to make some enemies. So...I suppose if you can't handle someone finding flaws in something you're bound to love, maybe go read one of my lists instead of this review. Let me get something off of my chest right now: I don't understand the unending positiveness around EVERY Marvel Studios film whether it's Iron Man 2 or Captain America: The Winter Soldier. No matter what Marvel churns out it is always positively received by not only audiences...but critics too! And why not? They're fun, harmless popcorn films, right? For the most part yes, but if there's one thing I HATE it's overpraising something that's merely average. Overpraising and refusing to acknowledge flaws downright pisses me off (see Avatar,) and makes what would be a decent enough film something I can't stand....merely because of its reception. So I'll admit, all of that clouds my opinion but yet as I sat in that screening and my audience ate up every last line and action sequence I knew history was repeating itself as it does with every Marvel release.

Let's take a look at my expectations of this particular film: this film boasted something I was a bit more excited about than any recent Marvel film, namely the inclusion of an amiable warm lead in Chris Pratt. Now, I love the looks of Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth as much as the next red-blooded straight female, but neither of them are the greatest comedic actors on the planet....or the galaxy haha (side note: what's with Marvel hiring so many guys named Chris?) Pratt, on the other hand, constantly cracks me up no matter what he's in...and thankfully the same is true here. His introduction to the film was the best part and set the tone for the whole movie. I was excited from his first scene while he bops around listening to a mixtape full of 70's music. I did go into the movie with low expectations, but after this scene I honestly thought I was gonna be proved wrong. But then at some point I just felt the whole thing ran out of gas.

I'll be fair, there were moments and scenes that I absolutely loved. That setup as I mentioned was great, but other touches were appreciated as well...yet somehow the vanilla Marvelness prevailed in the end. If there was ever a movie that was just going through the motions, it's this one. The first half held my interest, and then I realized how "paint by numbers" everything was. My good friend Kent perfectly described it...yet left it out of his review, that the movie was funny...yet wasn't actually FUN. In my review of Captain America: The Winter Soldier (which like this, everyone and their dog love but me...) I mentioned how the screenwriters seemed to feel that no character depth was needed; instead they could rely on previous characterization we've seen without building them up further in the current installment. This time the characters are all brand new, yet somehow every single one of them still just felt copied and pasted; you could predict everyone to a tee because they're nothing more than concepts. Honestly, you've seen it all before. But I'm sure you liked it then and you'll like it now. However, I can't completely hate a movie that coins the term "pelvic sorcery" because that's gold. I have plenty more thoughts....but I think I've ranted enough. EMILY RATING: 6/10


Sarah said...

Gasp! You used the "P" word.

Also, maybe boys named Chris have a greater chance of being hot. If you ever have a little boy, you should test this theory out for me.

I have to be honest, I am so out of the loop, and I haven't even heard of this movie! Ha ha! A good one to remember a few years down the line for a movie night with my boys though. Because popcorn movies--even if they aren't stellar--are still fun.

Johanna said...

I am out of this loop, too.

Remember that someone told me that I should have named Clayton Christopher.

Movie Waffler said...

I'm with you regarding Marvel. I f*cking HATE their movies, apart from Iron Man 3, which worked because Shane Black basically hijacked the concept to give us a sequel to Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Ironically it's the one movie Marvel fans don't like.