Felines in Film

As I mentioned in the post before my last, I've been going through a big adjustment in my life. The adjustment? Becoming a mother.......to a rambunctious gray kitten I adopted named Merriweather. The little cat has kept me from blogging too much by occupying a lot of time and attention....but also any time I sit down to my computer she jumps from the floor, onto my lap and keyboard messing up everything. She's a cutie...in looks. In personality, she's a bit of a brat (I guess she takes after me eh?)....which I'm hoping she grows out of. The aggressive kitten behavior can't last forever right.... RIGHT??? But anyway, her introduction into my life led me to ponder another list: 10 memorable cats in film. (In no particular order..)

LUCIFER - The movie cat mine most resembles? Without a doubt, it's the cat from Disney's Cinderella. In fact, I've contemplated renaming her Lucifer. Lucifer's antics are definitely less annoying though. You can't blame the guy for wanting to rid the house of mice, and besides they totally had it coming. They did steal the stepsisters things, after all, to make Cinderella that fugly dress. Really she should have thanked the stepsisters for destroying it so she wasn't seen at the ball in it. But back to Lucifer, he's awesome and totally hilarious. Way better than Bruno.

BINX - Back in the 90's talking black cats that associated with witches were the coolest! Who wins out between Sabrina the Teenage Witch's Salem and Hocus Pocus' Binx? I'll let you be the judge. But since this is a movie list, we'll be discussing Binx. Who didn't love this boy turned cat? He was the wisest person/animal in the film, he was constantly cheating death, and he was just a loving and selfless little furball. I don't think anyone really wanted him to turn back into a human at the end.

And here's Salem.

CAT - Cat is a nameless slob that isn't exactly owned by Audrey Hepburn's Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's. Our heroine identifies with said stray cat, but won't admit that she needs him. After all, who can let anyone into their heart when they could betray them... even if it is only a cat? It's only after she can admit the cat's worth in her life that she can truly be happy. Or maybe I'm misreading the ending...

MILO - The titular cat in Milo & Otis was so beloved in our household that we named our own cat after him (RIP to the cat that became dearer than any to us.) The orange kitten Milo, befriends a pug dog named Otis and are inseparable....until they're well... separated! They both go on an incredible coming of animal age journey (not to be confused with The Incredible Journey...) find love within their own species, and one day reunite after having families of their own. Is this the Brokeback Mountain of pet films?? No no no. They were just friends!

DC - Haley Mills had such a cool cat in the original That Darn Cat the FBI was onto her. Actually, they just needed the cat's help to crack a case that just happened to be in his usual nightly cat romping route. DC is smart and very savvy. Honestly, he kind of gets a bad rap with the title of the film when really everyone should be thanking them for leading the cops to solving a robbery, or kidnapping or whatever it was. (I must confess, it's been awhile since I've seen it.)

FIGARO - How adorable was Figaro in Pinocchio? I'll be honest, the movie could have used a LOT more of him. Luckily Disney cartoons made up for his lack when he got his own song on one random cartoon I remember from my youth "Figaro was an itty bitty cat.." Really, this cat has to be one of the cutest on this list.

PUSS IN BOOTS - But remember that look Puss makes to get what he wants? That might be the real winner. Puss was a great addition to the Shrek franchise, in fact he's probably the best character in the whole series. He was so popular he got his own film...that I can't remember if I thought was good or not. So obviously it stuck with me.

DINAH AND THE CHESHIRE CAT - I'm not sure what the significance is of the cats in Alice in Wonderland (or if any and all deeper meaning in that story can only be attributed to drug use...) but whatever the reason I am fond of both Dinah and the Cheshire cat. If only all cats had the temperament of Dinah. Sigh.

ULYSSES - The newest addition from our list comes from Inside Llewyn Davis. The orange cat here not only resembles Cat from Breakfast at Tiffany's in look, but in purpose as well. He always seems to pop up at the most pivotal moments for our protagonist. The cat represents a deeper meaning, no doubt about it.

SASSY - Yes, I forgot this silly 90's film even existed! But remember the valiant efforts of a cat and two dogs trying to return home to their owners? Why they were separated I forget, but what I do remember is the cat saving the day on at least one occasion. But Total Film in their list of the 50 best movie cats (read that list HERE) summed it up best: The Cat: Sassy is the feline element in Homeward Bound’s two dogs and a cat arrangement. Bizarrely, the trio all seem to get on rather well together. Not how we’d been led to believe the dynamic works at all.

If It Was A Dog: Yawn! Who wants to watch a film about three missing dogs? No one, that’s who.




Johanna said...

I just can't believe that you found this many movies with cats, but your cadar is pretty sharp. Always has been!

Sarah said...

I'd pick Salem. :) You HAVE to watch That Darn Cat again. I love that movie. It is one of my favorites--hilarious!

Your cat might be a brat, but she is a cutie.

Unknown said...

I can't believe you didn't mention "The Aristocats". I mean really, Ev'rybody wants to be a cat
Because a cat's the only cat who knows where its at. ;)