Boy Meets Redux

My sincerest apologies to my beloved readers for neglecting you once again for so long. A variety of factors are to blame for this...such as: being swamped with work projects, as well as other duties like being everyone's favorite aunt, getting plagued with a couple illnesses, experiencing a major life adjustment (which I'll tackle in the next post....how's that for a teaser?) AND finally and most importantly there hasn't been much to write ABOUT this last month. What a crappy summer month for movies it was! Since Edge of Tomorrow came out about a month ago, there hasn't been much of anything that's caught my eye. What a drought! Luckily it all ends on Friday as my thirst for a hopefully quality blockbuster will be met with the release of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes... and I couldn't be more thrilled. But until then, I did manage to find something to talk about.

Over the Fourth of July weekend I came down with a nasty bug that left me bedridden all day (when I wasn't in the bathroom puking that is...) In my delirium, I somehow managed to peruse the "On Demand" offerings and found that the pilot episode of the Boy Meets World sequel series, Girl Meets World was available for my viewing pleasure. Now I'll be honest, I've always been more of a Saved By the Bell kind of girl over BMW. In fact, I think it can tell a lot about a person by asking which show they prefer. That said, I do enjoy the show in its own right and watched it faithfully when it was on air....so I was pretty curious to see the result of this daughter series. So how'd it fare? Well... it was kind of a mixed bag. It seemed to me like a carbon copy of the old series during its first season both in tone (which you can choose for yourself if you think that's a good or a bad thing..) and in the fact that all the new characters are just renamed versions of old ones (with some genders being switched here and there.)

It's too early to truly judge the show by its pilot so I don't plan to label it "cringeworthy" or get into a rant fest about how it ruined the old show (not that I care about Boy Meets World's legacy haha.) Girl Meet's World's undeniable cheesiness and the fact that it's trying to be EXACTLY the same show as BMW weren't quite so much what causes me concern. Rather, I'm not sure that trying to recycle a formula that felt so at home in a specific decade of programming that was family friendly, to a modern context will actually work. The television landscape where Boy Meets World lived no longer exists. Can a show trying to be the exact same thing as its predecessor, from a time of morality lessons, work in this day and age? It seemed like just yesterday when the original was on, but as I watched the pilot I couldn't help but feel how dated the show was. I guess it all depends on if there are audiences looking for "old fashioned." And who ever knew the 90's could be deemed that! It'll be interesting to see how the show's future will unfold and whether it does succeed or not, but in the meantime I thought it'd be fun to re-imagine 5 other beloved 80's/90's series as having sequel series made today. If any of these get made by anyone out there, I might have to sue you..

SAVED BY THE BELL: THE NEW NEW CLASS. Okay, obviously I was gonna put this one in here based off of what I said in the second paragraph.  Yes, there was The New Class, but THIS time it's not about a bunch of random kids no one cares about! This time Zack is the principal and all the gang's kids attend! Zack & Kelly's daughter, Jesse & Slater's twin boys (that both fight over Zack and Kelly's daughter,) Lisa's cool son, and Screech? Somehow he got someone preggo (Violet? Crossover Kimmy Gibbler?) and has a nerdy daughter that joins the group!

FULL CONDO: DJ'S TURN. Sadly DJ and Steve wind up divorced and so nerdy jokester Aunt Stephanie, and heartbreaker rocker Aunt Michelle move in to help her raise her 3 sons. Don't worry though, the reconciliation of DJ and Steve will be a major arc in the series because those two can't stay apart forever... just long enough to set up some family chaos!

SELENA THE MORTAL HUMAN. Sabrina's best friend Val dies in a car accident and leaves her and Harvey as the sole guardian of her teenage daughter Selena. Now Sabrina will have to remember what it's like again to live as a mortal since she can't let this girl in on the family secret! Otherwise, the Witch realm will ban her powers forever! Or something like that...

GRANDFAMILY MATTERS. Steve Urkel and Laura get married only years months days down the line to discover how hard their relationship would actually be. Urkel finds to his surprise, that Laura's voice eventually becomes like her mother Harriet's and it grates his soul every day. The precocious, yet unobnoxious son of Stefan Urkell lives next door and Steve can't help but find everything this kid does insanely annoying to him. Eventually, he seeks the guidance of his Father-in-law Carl because he honestly never expected to be in his shoes after getting everything he's always wanted!

EVER GROWING PAINS. They create the series to show constant flashbacks of that year Leonardo DiCaprio was on the show to try to lure him into doing a guest spot. They are unsuccessful.

You can't blame them for trying to cash in on Leo's fame. Who wouldn't!?

The End! What other shows would you like to see revisited one day??


Johanna said...

You know, Happy Days came along in the middle of the 70's and everyone loved the throwback. So it could work. I do think that one of the issues is that the competition is so much greater (more to choose from, etc.) that it could bring it down.

Oh, and I realize that I never watched what you guys watched. What kind of a bad parent was I??? Because I haven't seen more than portions of any of the shows you mentioned.

Amelia said...

Whoa I'm so happy you added Sabrina the Teenage Witch in :) I had so many good times with that show. But I am shocked Salem was not included in your reboot!! Also if these reboots ever did come to life I could totally see someone thinking it would be cool to give a character the same name as their parent (DJ Junior? DJJ?) and creating even more and chaos and confusion. Now I really need to watch Girl Meets World to see this for myself!

Sarah said...

I saw part of Girl Meets World on TV the other day. The problem I found with it is that all of the child actors weren't all that endearing, interesting, or unique (in looks or personality!). I thought it was kind of fun to see Ben Savage again though.

As for Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, Harvey was so cute!

Emily said...

DJJ! I wish I'd thought of that. And yeah I thought that too Sarah. Particularly the girl in the Shawn role. I agree re Ben Savage. And mom, if this show was SET in another era then perhaps it'd work. But it's not.