The Fault of Tomorrow

Two movies come out this weekend, and I'm thrilled to say that I thoroughly enjoyed them both! What are the two movies in question? Why The Fault in Our Stars and Edge of Tomorrow of course! Both films gave me a very certain set of expectations based off of prior knowledge, trailers and advertising... so what I actually got from both was quite interesting to say the least! These two films are miles apart and each appeal to both ends of the spectrum and, in my humble opinion, you can't go wrong with either pick this weekend. We'll start with the more typical summer offering (Edge of Tomorrow) and then cover the smaller fare next (The Fault in Our Stars).

So I have to say, I've been making fun of the trailers for Edge of Tomorrow for at least a month now and thinking this would easily be one of the lamest movies of the summer and pretty much a clone of the disappointing Oblivion...but I have to say it was quite the opposite! This is the surprise delight of the summer (akin to Rise of the Planet of the Apes and X-men First Class when they came out...) and a wildly entertaining film. The trailers did not portray at all the movie that this actually is....and I kind of thank them for that so I had zero expectations of it being the quality it is. The biggest surprise? The movie is pretty dang funny. I was honestly shocked by how warmly I, as well as my audience received it. Its cleverness draws you to the characters and makes you excited to follow their every move.

If you're into video games, then this movie was probably made for you. It definitely gives the whole "let's beat this level and make it to the end of the game" kind of vibe in the best possible way. You certainly get caught up in the giant quest of it all. I'm pretty neutral to Tom Cruise; I'm generally no hater...nor am I his biggest fan, but I think he did a great job here (even if he never differentiates from his usual movie persona.) He and Emily Blunt made a surprisingly good team that were very fun to watch figure everything out over and over again. Keep those expectations low and SEE this movie. EMILY RATING: 8.5/10

Unlike The Edge of Tomorrow which I had the lowest of low expectations for, I expected nothing but good things from The Fault in Our Stars, (other than the very valid concern that it had the potential to be A Walk To Remember 2.0/a manipulative romance cancer drama of the year) The trailers were promising that it had more substance, as was knowing that it was based off a hit YA novel. But knowing that YA novel was being adapted by the writers of (500) Days of Summer and The Spectacular Now? It suddenly had LOADS of potential and HAD to be good right??? Thankfully it really really was. I adored this movie. It felt so refreshing and incredibly real in comparison to the typical melodramatic Nicholas Sparks film or whatever being offered nowadays.

I cared about these characters and their struggles held a lot of insights into my own life. There was surprisingly a lot of real value from their words. Basically, the movie resonated with me. Yes some might see it as nothing more than a simple sob fest, but there's a lot more to it than that. The only fault in this movie (other than the unexplained title haha,) was that it ran 20-30 minutes long. It could have used one more trim, but that didn't really take away my enjoyment from it. It was too sweet and charming for me to REALLY be wanting it to be over. So if all the blockbusters are giving you headaches and you're looking for a more quiet film to watch, this is it. EMILY RATING: 8.5/10  


Sarah said...

Well, we have already discussed how I feel about A Walk to Remember...maybe I will put it on right now! Ha ha! I like that movie! Don't blame the first movie for all the terrible ones that came after!

These movies sound great though. I will definitely have to catch them. It sounds like one is a great idea for when I am in an adventure, "I need a laugh" mood, and the other is great for when I need a good cry.

Johanna said...

I swear I did comment. I'll watch it only on your recommendation. That's just how much I trust you...if it's not a genre I hate. :)

Johanna said...

I swear I did comment. I'll watch it only on your recommendation. That's just how much I trust you...if it's not a genre I hate. :)