Made in Moab

Welp, since I have no reviews to share with you for this week I'll instead recap one of my recent trips and tell you about some of the movies that were also made there. A month ago, I figured it was high time I started doing some more exploring of my home state and visited the much filmed city of Moab with its two national parks (Arches and Canyonlands for those of you who are unfamiliar.) We had a grand ol' time hiking to Delicate Arch, fearing for our lives (okay...it was mostly me doing the fearing) whilst jeeping, and marveling at the beauty of Canyonlands. Coincidentally, it happened to fall on May the Fourth (AKA Star Wars day,) and I definitely reveled in feeling like I was on an alien planet to celebrate (not unlike Tatooine or Geonosis.)

Jeepers creepers. How'd you get them peepers?

Alien planets have the power of shrinking women apparently.

One of my favorite movies that was not only filmed in Moab, but set there as well would have to be 127 Hours. We definitely got into the 127 Hours spirit not only while we were there, but a couple weeks later too when we visited the Homestead Crater (where that cool scene of him in the canyon pool was filmed.) But back to Moab, my sister-in-law Robin led my brother Sean and I to what she dubbed "a hike" but in reality looked like a death wish waiting to happen! A small slit in the wall with logs wedged in between to use as a ladder. Sean didn't get too far and I didn't even attempt it. I'll keep my mortality intact thank you. Or if nothing else my arm ;) Canyonlands was very cool though and breathtaking. Anyone can simply admire the views without a lot of efforts because you can drive right up to it, but there's plenty for the thrill seeker to do as well. Best of both worlds really.

Watch out for giant boulders!

And hidden cave pools

Homestead Crater! (Not in Moab. haha)

We swam where James Franco swam.

Aron Ralston wasn't the only movie character (though perhaps the only real fictionalized one?) to explore Canyonlands. Tom Cruise's most famous character Ethan Hunt visits it as well in my least favorite Mission Impossible movie: Mission Impossible 2. Remember that whole opening sweeping scene? That's right all in Utah, and apparently Tom Cruise insisted on doing the stunt himself. We saw the exact same area, Dead Horse Point and it was simply stunning. When Robin and Sean tried some secret agent wall scaling they definitely seemed a little less successful...

Nice knowing ya!

I wasn't too concerned.

And finally, one of the most beloved characters of all time was seen in Moab (whether or not he was SUPPOSED to be in Moab I don't recall...) Who do you ask? Why none other than a young Indiana Jones can clearly be seen in Arches National Park during Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Not sure what it is about Moab that screams epic movie beginnings, but yeah. Sweeping beginning set in good ol' Utah.

I was blown away by how two National Parks so close in proximity couldn't be more different in aesthetic from one another. Like Canyonlands, Arches too is incredibly gorgeous but in an entirely different way. Naturally, we saw several arches (including the famous landscape arch,) but of course it was the famous Delicate Arch that's the real showstopper. Maybe though it stops the show since you have to go on a hefty hike to see it.  But honestly that's the tip of the iceberg of movies filmed here. If you want to read more check out this article from KSL HERE and this site HERE

The End! Thanks Moab for the memories!


Sarah said...

Great pictures! It looks like you had a fun trip. At the beginning of The Last Crusade, it does say it is in Utah, and it gives the year (though I forget what the year was...let's say 1919).

Johanna said...

And biblical ones filmed there, too. Everyone should see Southern Utah in their lifetime. Incredibly beautiful and unique.

Johanna said...

Oh, and you know some of those pictures give me the heebie jeebies.

Amelia said...

"We swam where James Franco swam. " seriously makes me so happy. As do all these pictures :)