I am lizard, hear me roar!

Remember the ridiculous Godzilla from 1998? You know, the one directed from the disaster flick obsessed Roland Emmerich and starring an out of place though always amiable Matthew Broderick? Surely Godzilla 2014 would crush that silly film into oblivion and show the world what a modern Godzilla film REALLY should be like...right? Well, the answer sadly is both yes and no. Ultimately nothing and I mean NOTHING can be bad as that film, but where Godzilla 2014 could have easily triumphed and become this century's Jurassic Park...it actually suffers from its own share of problems. These problems, unfortunately, trip up our iconic movie monster and prevent him and his movie from achieving the glory he truly deserves.

But don't worry. It never stoops to this level.

Now let's get something out of the way right now. Did you happen to see last year's Pacific Rim? Because if you did, you have already seen this movie. Minus the fact that this one is missing the delightful attempts at comic relief from a reliable Charlie Day (Original review for that film HERE.) To put it bluntly: AMAZING action sequences, BLAH characters, and forgettable/weak storytelling. Why oh why oh why is it so hard to accomplish excellence in all three?? It had me in the beginning, lost me in the loooooong middle, and tried to win me back in the end...but unfortunately it felt too little, too late. The problem is [SPOILER] the best and most interesting character, played by Bryan Cranston is killed off  way too early on and underdeveloped bland characters are left to carry the rest of the movie on their inexperienced shoulders. [/SPOILER]

I really like both Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen, but their characters couldn't have been duller if they tried. I know it's Godzilla's movie, but if Jurassic Park, Jaws, and King Kong can manage to have characters you can remember (and remember WELL for that matter,) then Godzilla has no excuse. It's almost as if the filmmakers went way too far in the other direction to overcorrect the cheesiness of Godzilla '98 and instead played it WAY too safe. It definitely could and should have put in the same effort as those classics did, and if it had a NEW instant classic could have emerged. Instead, it relies solely on its action sequences to wow the audience and neglects anything that will really leave a lasting impression. It's almost as if so much of the money was spent on budget for the special effects BEFORE realizing that they forgot to spend anything on producing a well-written script (seems a little backward doesn't it?) Being wowed is a bit harder when you find yourself incredibly bored in between the stunner moments. And at times those moments seem AGES apart while you're waiting for them. Because you feel so ambivalent about the weak sauce characters, the pacing overall just DRAGS.

So....same advice applies as with Pacific Rim. If you want to love this movie, turn off your brain and enjoy the very cool show. There's a lot to enjoy, it's good enough...but it could have been great. EMILY RATING: 6.5/10

But at least it wasn't THIS


courtney wightman said...

that trailer was great!! now i kinda wanna see the 98 version ...

Sarah said...

Ha ha! Nice trailer. Very entertaining.

The best part of that other Godzilla (from the 90s) was when I saw a preview for it in the theater and someone said (in a creepy movie trailer type voice), "Free Willy 4!"

Which monster did you think looked more believable?

It makes me want to go back and watch the Japanese films from the 60s. They were camp, and they knew it--and they succeeded at it.

Emily said...

If you do watch them Sarah, invite me over. I want to see them as well. Neither of these monsters totally did it for me.... haha

Johanna said...

I only liked watching Godzilla with Sean when he was little. I'm over it unless he wants to come and watch it with me and I will scratch his back.