Fool Me Once

Hello, readers! Happy "don't believe anything you read on the internet or that people tell you in person day!" Also known as APRIL FOOLS! Last night the world was treated with an early April Fools day present in the form of the How I Met Your Mother finale. Don't worry though everybody. Everything has been set right in the world because the real ending to the show is HERE Okay that's actually an April Fools too, but a far kinder one than the one pulled on us last night and REALLY how I wish the show would have gone. In fact....I'm just gonna pretend that's how it went and you can too. Anyway, the idea of cons and pranks, of course, gives way to a holiday themed post. Here are eight movies and two television shows you can gain inspiration from to fool people to your hearts content.

The Parent Trap - old movie or new, this one has got tons of ideas on how to mess with people. Whether it's your long lost twin or an unwanted suitor to your Dad, there's all kinds of things you can do to get REVENGE....okay maybe not revenge but to mark your territory/property I guess? The best tip is to know your surroundings. From the looks of it, the great outdoors is the best place for pranking. You can give someone anti-repellant for mosquitos, make them look like a fool for hitting sticks together and of course mess with people when they're asleep (whether it's covering them in honey or setting their mattress on the lake.)

Amelie - Yes this is a quirky adorable French movie and it's not really the first source you'd think of for finding practical jokes you can play on someone....but really this movie has some gems. Amelie is really good at making people think they're going crazy. If you want to play jokes on people like that, I suggest making friends with people who can give you access to their home so you can change things like door handles and shoe sizes. And if someone has made you really mad, wait until they're watching an important sports game to cut the power anytime someone is close to scoring. It'll drive them NUTS.

Dumb & Dumber - What's a good prank for someone that constantly has to be taking pills for his well-being? Sneaking extra spicy jalapeƱos on his burger of course. He'll never know what hit him. Also, another good one is telling the waitress to put all your food on another man's tab (a man who has threatened you is the best and most logical choice.) Works like a charm.

Billy Madison - Flaming bag of poo obviously! Don't watch the clip if you don't want to hear the language.

Matilda - Matilda's pranks are very similar to Amelie, harmless (like gluing someone's hat to their head)....but with a twist. The real key here is to make sure you figure out a way to use magic or voodoo or whatever powers Matilda has. They'll make it easier not to get caught.

Raising Arizona - Here's a fun prank, find a couple with quintuplets and kidnap one of them! Just make sure to give them back to the end and make them feel sorry enough for you that they won't press charges. But trust me. It will be a hoot.

No prank here. Just the trailer.

Groundhog Day - It's easy to mess with people when you've lived a day so many times that you become omniscient. From scoring girls to making people think you're a God, the possibilities are, in fact, endless. The tricks pulled on Ned Ryerson, in particular, are my favorite. Though below isn't my favorite trick, and would more likely be categorized under assault than a prank.

Home Alone - You might not have robbers invading your house, but maybe if you're bored today you could test out some of these traps on your roommate who is always stealing your food. Sure it may seem harsh to burn their hand or have them step on nails...or even have a flaming hot iron hit them in the head, but it will sure make them understand boundaries quick!

The Office - Plenty of pranks to choose from here! Some of the best parts of this series were the pranks Jim pulled on a usually oblivious Dwight. Faxes from the future, putting his desk in the bathroom or placing his wallet in the vending machine; the choices are endless and fabulous.

Impractical Jokers - Okay I usually never really write about "reality" shows or game type shows....but honestly this is one of the funniest shows on television right now. If you haven't seen it and you love harmless pranks or people saying and/or doing embarrassing things I urge you to check this show out NOW. It is the perfect way to celebrate this fine holiday.

BONUS: Back to the Future: Get a time machine and go to the past to prank your Dad! All you need is technology from the future and movie references he's not familiar with yet!

THE END! Happy April Fools everyone! Be on your guard!


Joey said...

I can't believe that you came up with so many movies/shows about pranking. It's not something I've ever been good at myself, but I can appreciate it in others.

I liked your ending better and if the writers weren't so full of themselves, they would have just scrapped what they taped years ago and gone with this. Love it....except he should have married her earlier still.

Emily said...

Haha I was also gonna put Marty McFly pretending to be Darth Vader and tricking George into going to the dance...but forgot. And it's not MY ending, someone else made it but it's perfect. We'll just pretend that was a vow renewal because they got married in a courthouse years earlier and never had a proper wedding. Haha

Joey said...

I like how you think!

Sarah said...

Yes, that ending to How I Met Your Mother was far superior. Good prank movies! The Marty McFly one is awesome too. Maybe you could just slip it in as a bonus. :)

Emily said...

A'ight. You got it dude.