Old Hollywood Glam

Okay, yesterday's quiz was so popular now I give you: Which old time Hollywood leading lady are you? And heterosexual men, if you're jealous about yesterday's quiz just play this one and answer the questions about what would best describe your lady (and go ahead and take yesterday and answer the questions about yourself!) I got Audrey Hepburn....the first time and Natalie Wood the second. Haha, which is a more correct answer? Probably Natalie, but I'm putting the picture of Audrey anyway!

EDIT: And if for some reason you don't find that accurate, try it again HERE I had to host it on a different poll site and I'm not sure the first is completely accurate. But hey, whichever result you'd rather end up with you can say you got. haha

And if you're wondering....here's your possible results:

Are you the beautiful Princess of Monaco?

Or the fiery red-head?

The sultry Marilyn?

Or perhaps you have the....assets of Natalie Wood!

Or are you the ever so bright Doris Day? 

So who'd you get???


Joey said...

I was Natalie Wood. Niel wants to spend eternity with someone who looks like Sophia Loren. He's out of luck. :)

Emily said...

Ah she would have been a fun one to add to the quiz.