Holiday. Celebraaaate.

EDIT: This post is now featured at Buzzfeed! You can check out the BuzzFeed version HERE Over the weekend I saw Jason Reitman's new film Labor Day, starring Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin. It was an entertaining enough movie though I'm not sure I could ever take it quite as seriously as it wanted me to. Had the perspective not been from her son I think it may have helped me a little more...but as it was it simply was a higher class Nicholas Sparks film (with less make out scenes.) Plus I'm pretty sure it featured the longest Labor Day weekend known to man. I honestly thought the film spanned months. But it, along with the fact that Sunday was Groundhog Day, got me thinking, what holiday-themed romances can Hollywood come up with next? They've already taken Valentines Day, Christmas (in the form of Love Actually), New Years Eve, Ground Hog Day and even Leap Day! To get the ball rolling, me and my friend Amelia came up with ten fabulous ideas for the Holiday themed rom-coms Hollywood NEEDS to make next. Be sure to tell me which ones are your favorites (and that you'd actually go see in the comments.) Or if you're comment shy, I'll have a poll at the bottom and you can tell me your favorites! Oh and, of course, feel free to share any of your own ideas as well!

National Pretzel Day - JGL and Ryan Gosling play brothers Danny and Davie whose father recently passed away. His dying wish was that his sons finally perfect the family recipe and win the state's annual pretzel making contest. The prize? 10 grand. Which coincidentally is the same amount that best friends Lily and Lucy (played by Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence) need to save their flailing bakery. Within no time, the two teams are at each other's throats trying to prove who is the top pretzel chefNow it's up to the go-between matchmaking meddler James Franco to save the day and make them all see that pretzels are second to love. Bummer it's rated R though.

Administrative Assistant's Day - What do you do when your boss drives you absolutely crazy...yet also happens to be completely irresistible? Such is Sally's (played by Anna Kendrick) dilemma in this delightful rom-com. Feeling under-appreciated after losing a promotion when her company brought in a new boss from somewhere else (a deliciously hilarious James Marsden)Sally will have to let go of her pride and work together with her boss. But she soon finds, there are more important things besides promotions. There's love.

Flag Day - Recently single and unemployed, Cassie (Kristen Wiig) returns to her hometown for Flag Day. Aiming to please her folks she agrees to participate in the town's local festivities where she meets recent widower and avid flag enthusiast Freddy (John Krasinski.) Only through her friendship with Freddy can Cassie understand what it means to celebrate Flag Day...as well as find the true meaning of love.

Free Slurpee Day - Andie (Shailene Woodley) dreams of a bigger and better life than her dead-end job at 7/11. Depressed that she has to work the busiest day of the year, her luck changes when a fellow dreamer named Carter walks into the store. It's love at first sight and the two have an undeniable chemistry, unfortunately their moment ends all too abruptly when his friends drag him on to the next 7/11 store in hopes of scoring as many free Slurpees as they can. Now Andie will have to search each and every 7/11 in town before the day is up to find her chance at happiness. Will they ever be able to find each other so that they can finally experience the brain freeze that is love? Find out July 11.

Garbage Day - Before Charlie (Topher Grace) can become CEO of his father's waste removal company he is tasked with the challenge of getting the know the people that make the business work: the garbage men. That means of course he'll have to go undercover as one of them to gain their trust and learn how to solve problems as they would. While posing as a garbage man he has to work directly with Victoria (Aubrey Plaza), a snooty heiress who sends in complaints daily to the company. Now that the tables are turned and Charlie is the one taking orders, he learns the importance of being kind to others and Victoria can't help but find his positive attitude infectiously adorable. But what happens when she finds out he's been lying about being a garbage man?

Earth Day - Tagline: Unearth love. Nancy (Jessica Chastain) and Nick (Colin Farrell) are polar opposites. When they're both chosen for a one-way, two-man mission to Mars they're thrilled for the journey...but dreading the company. However during the mission, they discover a disastrous problem with the aircraft and have to put their differences aside in order to survive and make it back to the Earth in time for Earth Day. When faced with their own mortality the two realize the value of the Earth AND that they may, in fact, be exactly who the other one needed all along.

Talk Like a Pirate Day - Once again Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler reteam for another delightful romantic comedy! This time Barrymore plays Mary, a Pirate Culture Studies Professor aching for a vacation....so she schedules a cruise over her favorite holiday: Talk Like a Pirate Day! There she meets the straight-laced and Scrooge-like Darren (Sandler), a cruise director that really has little patience for TLAPD. Can she make him a true believer and find love at the same time?

Pie Day -  Grad student Max (Adam Brody) is convinced he's found the formula to make women fall in love with him. Who better to test it on than his sexy calculus professor Nina (a hilarious Zoe Saldana in a rare comic turn,) but little does he know she's totally onto him. Meanwhile his best friend Lindsay (Amanda Seyfried) thinks she may have the winning formula on her side: baked goods...specifically in the form of pie. Which side will win in this battle of the sexes and more importantly the battle of math vs. food? If love has anything to do with it, everyone will win (or lose.)

Boxing Day - It's the day after Christmas and Lena (Kerry Washington) has to make an unfortunate return: her engagement ring. Things just didn't work out with her fiance and now she has to find a way to pick up the broken pieces of her heart. Luckily destiny is on her side. Who should also be at the same mall returning items (from a Christmas gone awry,) but the would be future love of her life Wallace (Bradley Cooper.) Will their paths finally cross so that they can complete each other? Or will they miss their chance yet again?

Presidents' Day - Coming off of the WORST Valentines Day of his life after being left at the alter, Jimmy (Ryan Reynolds) decides to go on his honeymoon to Mount Rushmore alone. While there he takes an instant disliking to Missy, a neurotic history nut in the tour group they’re a part of while celebrating Presidents Day weekend. When the two find themselves cut off from the rest of the group they’ll have to learn to tolerate each other and before they know it they’ll discover a spark they can’t deny. With hilarious supporting turns by Chris Pratt and Mandy Moore, Presidents’ Day is a must see!

Bonus Mormon edition: Pioneer Day - Terminally single McKaylene (that chick who played Elizabeth in the Mormon Pride & Prejudice) is called by her Bishop to be the Youth Conference advisor. The only problem? This year Youth Conference happens to be a Pioneer Trek and McKaylene does NOT do the outdoors (which she begrudgingly refers to as "the wilderness".) It's up to the recently divorced and rather out-doorsy Kevin (Corbin Allred) to lend a hand and make a real Pioneer woman out of her. Can these two lost souls find love and learn to understand what it means to be a pioneer? Note: the poor quality of poster on this one reflects the film's likely production values.

Which fake holiday rom-com is your favorite?
National Pretzel Day
Administrative Assistant's Day
Flag Day
Free Slurpee Day
Garbage Day
Earth Day
Talk Like a Pirate Day
Pie Day
Boxing Day
Pioneer Day
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Sarah said...

Nicely done. Good ideas all. Now, you can plan other genres for other holidays. How about a war movie for Veteran's Day? Or a good political thriller for President's Day? Ha ha! Love the posters and the lead actor/actress choices. I love the Slurpee Day idea, but I don't think Shailene Woodley is a good match for Zac Efron. :)

Emily said...

Haha well why not?? He'll be playing a wholesome guy. It's rated PG. They'll do just fine. Ha!

Joey said...

I did vote for Admin Day, but Garbage day would be in the running....but it's not strictly a holiday! I would definitely go see these because there is a dearth of RomCom's lately. I think it's gone the way of the Western or the Musical.

I swear I saw something similar to National Pretzel Day on a Lifetime Movie, but it was a chocolate making contest.

But what they hey! They are all recycled plots, aren't they?

courtney wightman said...

just one thing ... bradley cooper could never be names "wallace". but national pretzel day, free slurpee day, and pioneer day sound like GEMSSSS.

Laurie & Clint said...

lol! is national pretzel day a real day? did you get that from Jane's status updates?

Emily said...

Haha I might have subconsciously! But I'm pretty sure Amelia suggested that one!