Best of the BEST

It's almost that time again. Time for the Oscars to crown another film as the very best of its respective year. Sometimes they get it right, and sometimes they get it oh so wrong (see previous post on this subject HERE.) Which will the case be this year? As of now I've only seen 4 of the BP noms, but I'm hoping to make it 6/9 by Sunday. So far, it seems to be somewhat of a weak field, but I have hope that the Academy will choose the strongest film in the end. To celebrate the field, I decided to list in chronological order 15 of my all-time favorite Best Picture Winners since the dawn of Oscar. Unfortunately I haven't seen all, so if there's any offense at something being kept off the list (like for example Lawrence of Arabia... it might simply be because I haven't seen it in its entirety.) Since I'm including more on my list than usual, I'll try and keep each entry short.

ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT (1929/1930) - I wrote recently my feelings on this film HERE. This film is beautiful and quite amazingly ahead of its time in both sentiment and terms of filmmaking. For lovers of film history and history, in general, this film is a must.

IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT (1934) - This film almost single-handedly invented the romantic comedy. It's simply so charming and delightful that it's no wonder a genre was born from it. Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert have fantastic chemistry together and they're so much fun to watch. Sure you might question this as a BP winner, but it really changed the face of film. More thoughts on the film HERE.

GONE WITH THE WIND (1939) - The epic of epics. This film was the biggest of all time (adjusted for inflation of course) and there's certainly  a reason for it. It's hard for an audience not to admire how it succeeds in all its ambition. And its spectacle was surely one that must have been amazing to witness on a big screen. More thoughts on GWTW HERE 

CASABLANCA (1943) - I just rewatched this film this month and I gotta say, it's pretty dang solid. It has become an icon, but it stands the test of time. It would be hard not to with such great performances, story, and dialogue. More thoughts HERE and HERE.

THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES (1946) - Another BP winner I watched recently that I can't help but be impressed with how well it holds up. This is truly a great film and one that everyone should see in their lifetime. It's amazing to see a war film that truly captures the time as it was made concurrently. The struggles of these 3 men to adjust to their prior lives is an incredibly affecting story. More thoughts HERE.

ALL ABOUT EVE (1950) - Let's be honest. Bette Davis was a boss. This story of a sycophantic understudy who ultimately tries to become the great Bette is supremely captivating and deserving of its respect in film history. Plus it features one of the best lines Ms. Davis ever uttered.

ON THE WATERFRONT (1954) - As I mentioned earlier this month, Marlon Brando happens to be one of my old time movie crushes, and On The Waterfront happens to be one of his most amazing roles. It's worth seeing for his famous "I could have been a contender" speech alone.

MARTY (1955) - This is a very simple story, but a very sincerely important one about two people who find they can have happiness in one another despite the expectations of everyone else. Ernest Borgnine gives a surprisingly..well earnest performance as the main character Marty and the film certainly wouldn't be what it is without it.

BEN HUR (1959) - This biblical-esque epic is solid and still holds up incredibly well today. Plus Charleton Heston is great here in one of his best roles. The chariot race has to be one of the best-plotted sequences in the history of film.

WEST SIDE STORY (1961) - The musical telling of Romeo & Juliet stands apart from almost every musical before and after it. The music, the style, and the choreography make it unforgettable and easily one of the best of its genre. It is truly a wonderful take on this well-worn story.

THE GODFATHER (1972) - Noted by many as one of the greatest films of all time, I finally got to watching it last summer and concluded that the hype was indeed deserved. It's iconic, epic and exciting.

ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST (1975) - The performances by all involved in this film (particularly Jack Nicholson and Louise Fletcher) are top notch and keep you captivated throughout.

ANNIE HALL (1977) - Not that I think it necessarily should have won over Star Wars, but I must admit it was one of my favorite BP winners that stood out to me as I looked at them all. This is one of Woody Allen's best films and its commentary on love and relationships is spot on. Plus the dialogue is some of the sharpest to be found in an Allen film and that says a lot. More HERE

SCHINDLER'S LIST (1993) - This war story may be the crowning achievement of Steven Spielberg's career. It's the type of film you probably only need to see once because it will stay with you. It's beautiful and horrifying at the same time. More thoughts HERE

THE DEPARTED (2007) - I finally got to see this film last year and I must say it was one of the most thrilling and captivating films I have seen in some time. Once it was over I honestly felt a rush of adrenalin. The cat and mouse game between Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon is almost indescribably tense and really what the joy of witnessing a story bigger than you is all about. It's incredible.

HONORABLE MENTIONS: The Godfather II, The Apartment, Rebecca, Amadeus, Gladiator.

Well, that's all. Did I miss any of your favorites? You can check out the full list of winners all-time HERE


3 Days to Absurdity

Once upon a time (two days ago to be exact..) I went to a movie screening expecting the most generic and geriatric action movie about a retired CIA agent being called back into duty, and what I got in return is a completely different animal. When I sat through the opening credits I saw that McG was directing...so I lowered my expectations a bit. I'm not as much of a McG hater as most, but This Means War was borderline awful....if not a guilty pleasure, and it kind of seems to be a well-known fact that he's somewhat of a ruiner. Early on you can tell that this film doesn't quite know what it wants to be...but eventually it goes to the EXTREME on every side it most possibly can. Do you want the truth? This movie has everything in it that you could possibly ever think of. Touching father-daughter drama, car chases, a woman giving birth to a baby, violent kills; this movie is all over the place, in a PREPOSTEROUS way. My friends, I'm ready to declare it the NEW Wicker Man.

To be honest, I can't even believe my luck that this was back to back with Winter's Tale in my theater screenings....where both times I was trying SO hard to suppress a laugh or stifle a "WHAT. THE." face. I had even less luck here as a few times I just couldn't control the giggles. This movie is so bizarre...and not in the fantastical way Winter's Tale was. I honestly don't even know how to describe it...just that these filmmakers threw everything at the kitchen sink and hope it worked. My friends it did not work. I only wish somehow Nicolas Cage could have had a supporting role to put the icing on the cake.  The action film, important life drama, dark comedy....whatever it's trying to be was certainly entertaining in the way that watching a train wreck might be.

Some highlights: (SPOILERS included below)

  • Amber Heard's scenery chewing performance and the music that accompanies her every time she's on the screen. She may be the one thing in this movie that makes it so jarring.
  • The fact that I counted 3 times that the editor LITERALLY dubbed dialogue over someone's mouth saying something else. As an editor, I was appalled. Did you really think we wouldn't notice??
  • Kevin Costner's estranged wife of 5 years that takes him back with open arms and pretends that nothing ever happened between the two and constantly tells him that she loves him. Um...he left you! 
  • Hailee Steinfeld as the bratty bi-polar daughter who hates our hero one moment and then adores him the next.
  • Kevin Costner's delightful ringtone his daughter gave herself on his phone that always rings at the most embarrassing moments. They don't overuse this joke (/sarcasm.)
  • Kevin Costner's witty retorts to villains and henchmen. "You're all a bunch of turds!!" He said it. He really said it.
  • Hey, at least it was set in Paris. I feel sorry for Paris.
  • One word: Christmas
EMILY RATING: 2/10. See this if you're big on unintentional laughs.


Single and Ready to Mingle

Last night I watched Casablanca in order to help me out because I'm working on the KING of all lists: my top 100 list. Whilst watching the film I hadn't seen in a GOOD long while, I kept having the thought: ehhh Ilsa is kind of lame (even if she is gorgeous.) Rick is the king of cool and he definitely made the right decision as far as she's concerned...which made me ponder the creation of another list. Here are a list of ten (give or take) characters who were better off being single. Whether they were funnier/more awesome alone or their love interests plain sucked these characters should just be solo (at least for awhile.) Also fair warning: I may be speaking in spoilers as to their relationship status in the films/shows these characters are a part of.

RICK BLAINE (CASABLANCA) - Seriously Humphrey Bogart is unbelievably cool in this role. As I watched I felt the true relationship to root for was between Rick and his loyal piano playing Sam. He was a true friend trying to prevent that disastrous Ilsa from stomping all over his friends' heart again. Haha okay she's not that bad once you know her whole side, but by making the incredibly hard decision he does by letting her go in the end (or rather MAKING her go) he becomes the best version of himself he can be and a true hero.  If he stayed with her it would have been incredibly selfish and even he has the foresight to know that one day she'd regret it. Maybe not today....maybe not tomorrow. But soon.

BRUCE WAYNE/BATMAN (THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY) - With girlfriends like Rachel Dawes, who needs enemies? Seriously she's the absolute WORST. She complains about everything and lectures you when you're only trying to save the whole beeping city. She's completely self-righteous and through it all was STILL going to pick another guy over freaking BATMAN. Sorry Bruce, we need to have an intervention. Just because she acts too good for you, it is really the opposite. Have some self-respect man! Catwoman is really only slightly better since she has been known to betray you and all....but at least she's not Rachel. The best thing that ever happened in that series was when the Joker blew her to smithereens.

JULIANNE POTTER (MY BEST FRIEND'S WEDDING) - To show you how long I've been analyzing movies, I remember once in elementary school some kids saying that they were sad Julia Roberts' Julianne didn't end up with Michael in My Best Friends Wedding. I told them I was glad she didn't end up with him because, after all, the stunts she pulled....she didn't deserve him. Well done wise elementary school Emily, my opinion has not changed much since. Now that I'm older though, I'm not quite sure anyone deserved him because he certainly has his faults too. What everyone needs to do in this movie is take some "them" time (haha or "me" time...) and figure themselves out...who they are and what they really want out of life. Probably none of them would end up with each other. But even if that didn't happen for Michael and Kimmy, I'm glad that Julianne gets that ending...

DOCTOR EMMETT BROWN (BACK TO THE FUTURE TRILOGY) - Clara Clayton is the worst. Oh, wait I just said that Rachel Dawes was didn't I? Well, no matter....Clara is pretty annoying too. She just barges right into one of the best bromances of all time (again my apologies for leaving them off my last list...) and takes Doc away from Marty. Plus I'm sorry but a train time machine isn't NEARLY as cool as a DeLorean one no matter what they try to tell me. Clara doesn't make Doc the best Doc he can be. Sure she makes him happy....but happiness is fleeting. Ditch her Emmett. Ditch her and your 1800's kids. They're just pure lame.

RHETT BUTLER & SCARLETT O'HARA (GONE WITH THE WIND) - These two! Rhett is better off without a woman that doesn't appreciate or see his worth....and luckily he realizes it in the end. And Scarlett? Whenever she's single she seems to thrive and become fiercely independent and as strong as she can be. Maybe this last time of having to rely on herself she'll become the woman Rhett needs? Nah probably not. That ship has sailed and he's probably better off. Her loss. But now she can do her best to make herself a better person.

PADME AMIDALA (STAR WARS) - It pains me to say this as I actually.....gulp... like her and Anakin (yes I may be one of the few people on this earth willing to admit that...) but um, if she hadn't married the guy she would still be alive. She'd be the hottest thing on the market. 30 flirty and thriving. Who wouldn't want to be with this beautiful senator who has her stuff all together?? Now she's just mourned by gungans on Naboo. But hey at least she was able to give birth to the twins that would later make everything right again...after countless deaths throughout the galaxy (including that of entire planets) and everyone being forced to live under an evil dictator for a couple decades. You think that your poor taste in men only affects you, how wrong you are.

LIZ LEMON - The defining spinster of our generation. Yes, she found happiness in the end but the girl was funnier on her own. MUCH funnier. Plus James Marsden and Tina Fey has to be one of the weirdest couplings I can think of. I know we should root for her to get her happy ending and all....but we all know her true love on the show was always food so it's a shame that James Marsden had to come between them.

MICHAEL SCOTT/RON SWANSON (THE OFFICE/PARKS & RECREATION) - Again what's with all these writers thinking we NEED to see every character get a happy ending? Some characters are just better single. The two bosses of these Greg Daniels' comedies come to mind. Michael and Jan were funny....until they completely ruined Jan's character over it. So then they just create a softer, female version of Michael and expect that everyone will think they're the new Jim and Pam of the show. Sorry...I could NEVER root for Michael to get the girl the way I rooted for Jim. They aren't the same and Holly was lame. I think I'm even more bugged if that's possible about Ron Swanson getting married in the latest season of Parks. It's just boring. He's so much better being independent of any long term relationship. He's a lone wolf....why change him? I guess it comes with the fact I prefer the Seinfeld approach to comedy and keeping characters the same. Who wants growth and personal development? Not me. Keep 'em funny, please.

INDIANA JONES - Were any of his love interests EVER cool enough for Doctor Jones? Let's examine the three. First you have Marion who can be kind of a brat, but is independent and savvy enough. She's probably his best match, but let's be honest here she's not like Princess Leia cool in terms of matching up with her beau. If she was, she'd be in every movie right? Instead they replaced her with Kate Capshaw, and later a Nazi chick. Kate Capshaw was also annoying...but in a comical whiny way. Though I don't hate the character...I don't feel that she was a particularly good match for Indy, and they'd certainly never last. And the Nazi chick? Well for starters she's a nazi, so that might not work....and she slept with your dad. Gross.

IRIS SIMPKINS (THE HOLIDAY) - Poor Iris. She's in love with a major d-bag named Jasper, so she goes on holiday to try to forget him. Who should she rebound with but Jack Black??? Um really? Cameron Diaz gets the hunky Jude Law and she's stuck with Jack Black? Okay truth be told I love Jack Black (how many times can I say his name?) but leading man material? Yes I don't doubt that he could make you adore him...but might I point out that the two are completely lacking in chemistry? That might not be so bad if it wasn't in the same movie as the other storyline which ABOUNDS in chemistry. Heck she even has more chemistry with the old man she befriends! Maybe she should have just married him so she could inherit his fortune. It just makes you feel kind of bad for Iris and make you think "maybe you should just give it more time girl..."

JOSH (BIG) - Of any relationship NOT working out on the list I'm glad it's this creepy one. The whole time this "romance" goes on you get this creepy statutory rape vibe from the two and you want to scream out "He's a 13 year old don't kiss him!!! And don't let him touch your..." Eep. Unfortunately you can't unsee the stuff here. So YES Josh should be single because he's freaking BARELY A TEENAGER. Let him you know...go through puberty and enjoy his life before all of that please.

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Eliza Doolittle, Luke Skywalker (best to stay single when your only romantic option is related to you...) Lydia Deetz, Ben Stiller's character from the Heartbreak Kid.

Did I miss anyone??


Now Playing

Happy Valentines Day readers! If you either a) have no plans for Valentines or b) are looking for something to do with your beloved there's one constant you can rely on to be there for you: the movies. Okay, that's a total lie, there are many constants in life you can rely on and many times in fact (especially in February) the movies AREN'T really all that dependable. But hey I caught a couple of preview screenings for some movies today so I decided to write a double review. And if neither of the two new movies appeals to you, there's always The Lego Movie (which I neglected to review last week, so I'll give a short review now...)

WINTER'S TALE - Cue the obligatory sappy romance movie just in time for Valentines....or so I thought. But nothing could truly prepare me for what Winter's Tale actually was. In fact, even as I type this I can't get my head around the preposterousness that was this movie. It's not the type that's mind-numbingly or eye-rollingly bad.....it was the type that was epically and ridiculously bad. I could barely hold it together as I sat in the theater as almost every moment after the first 20 minutes or so I thought "What. The. FREAK. IS THIS??" But hey. It was pretty dang entertaining....just probably not in a way it was meant to be. Do you need an example? [SPOILER highlight to read] Cause of death for the lead actress' character in the film? Death by Colin Farrell sex. Yeah. I mean you have to hand it to her....it's certainly a way to go... [/SPOILER]

Oh, wait you need another example? That didn't convince you? Okay how about this [SPOILER] Will Smith wearing a stylized tee under a blazer playing LUCIFER. It doesn't seem like a good thing when the audience laughs at that reveal... [/SPOILER] I'm truly puzzled why so many solid actors agreed to take part in this movie. Did someone blackmail them and threaten their families or something? I can't quite figure it out. And to think, I could have been seeing the probably equally stupid Endless Love (wait no that's impossible....it would probably have seemed like a masterpiece compared to Winter's Tale.) Don't worry though. My friend Amelia has a rewrite to fix the whole thing. Too bad it's too late now.

ROBOCOP - So remember what I always say about expectations? It's good not to have them. In this case, I had absolutely none (other than thinking this film would probably be pretty awful...) and I was very pleasantly surprised. Sure it's not groundbreaking or particularly memorable, but for an action adventure in February it was pretty solid. The supporting cast is great, and Gary Oldman steals the show. Newcomer (okay he has like 30 credits on IMDb but I've never seen him so I'm gonna call him that anyway...) Joel Kinnaman in the lead role does a fair enough job as well. The movie experience was kind of like watching my brother play Halo for two hours....so if that's your cup of tea check it out. And on an intellectual side I suppose you can ponder the Frankenstein effect of tampering with the human body in the name of science. Go in with low expectations and you'll enjoy it.

THE LEGO MOVIE - When I first saw the previews for this movie I thought it looked incredibly awful. And then? Glowing reviews everywhere I turned. I didn't know what to think. So I had to see it for myself and I found it to be surprisingly delightful. It's a fun little film for people of all ages. I appreciated that the humor steered clear of the low-brow (no fart, poo or booger jokes HALLELUJAH!) and was incredibly clever at the same time (actually that's not a surprise that those two things go hand in hand.)  Kids in my theater just seemed to ADORE it and it had plenty of laughs for everyone else. Bottom line: it's just fun. You can't go wrong mixing Batman with even the teeniest bit of Star Wars amirite?

So yeah. Those are your options this holiday weekend. Or you could always take your chances with Endless Love...


Gal Pals for Galentines

The guys had their turn yesterday, and now to honor February 13th the official decreed day by Leslie Knope of Parks & Recreation, we celebrate: GALENTINES Day! What is Galentines you ask? Why it's a day we rejoice and give thanks for our female friendships.  As such, I decided to present to my readers a list of ELEVEN (I couldn't cut it to ten) films that celebrate the true meaning of Galentines: female bonding.

THELMA & LOUISE - Road trips with your bestie are always fun...but apparently it's more fun when you flee a crime scene. The lesson learned here? It's okay to become a felon so long as you have a dependable gal pal by your side. Unfortunately both sides of this pair are not created equal, and more often than not Louise (Susan Sarandon) is cleaning up all the messes that Thelma (Geena Davis) stupidly makes/ But hey at least she joins you for the ride....and through time she catches up.

STEEL MAGNOLIAS - If you're in the mood to watch something that portrays men as weak idiots while women are shown as these pillars of strength this is the movie for you. It's almost impossible to find a movie more estrogen filled than this. It's got a beauty parlor (where the women all get together and talk,) a wedding AND it has its fair share of weepy moments to boot. My favorite gal relationship in this one is hands down the relationship between Shirley MacLaine's crotchety Ouisa and Olympia Dukakis's hilariously sharp Clairee. Without them, the film wouldn't be nearly as fun. Without Daryl Hannah, on the other hand, no one would have noticed.

BEACHES - Once upon a time there were two little girls who met, and shortly became pen pals afterlife separated them. They keep their correspondence going for years and years....and soon we are to understand they mean the WORLD to each other (though I'm not sure I ever SAW that when they actually interacted..) Sometimes you often wonder why they stay friends.... especially when they're so awful to each other. But I suppose when one of them is the fabulous Bette Midler that's enough to make it work! At times, they seem better suited to frenemies, but you gotta hand it to them for staying true even to the bitter end.

FRIED GREEN TOMATOES - I'm not sure why so many of these female bonding movies take place in the South and involve crimes or death...but this film seems to be the complete embodiment of various tropes. I've learned that filmmakers would have us believe that tomboy gal pals are the way to go and Mary Stuart Masterson's Idgie is the shining example of this. She teaches everyone the importance of female empowerment and if anyone crosses her friends....let's just say a BBQ might be involved. A [SPOILER] murderous [/SPOILER] BBQ. But not in a horrifying way apparently...more of an endearing way that will cause Kathy Bates to chuckle about it in the future.

9 TO 5 - Once again we see that nothing brings women together quite like plotting the murder of the man. Even better when the man is your boss whom you all detest. You could be completely different in temperament and personality....and you may even have previously judged each other. But once you find the common ground of hating an egotistical man? That cures all differences.

THE FIRST WIVES CLUB - The best kind of friends help you get even. Together with all their combined wits, talents and power they are able to destroy the lives of the men who destroyed them first.....but BONUS: they get to do all that AND bond at the same time. Aww. Nothing brings people closer together than revenge. It's clear from this and Beaches (and perhaps Seinfeld as well...) that having Bette Midler on your side is a must. She, like Dolly Parton apparently will be there for you through thick and thin.

FROZEN - Here we have the first Disney movie that I can recall that really shines the light on sisterly love. You don't always need some prince to come and save you... sometimes all you need is the love and support of your sister (the truest of true gal pals) to save you. The ending of this movie particularly gave me the warm fuzzies and made me pretty thankful for my own sisters.

MURIEL'S WEDDING - There's nothing more wonderful than finding a friend who loves you for exactly who you are....even if you're somewhat of a freak. You know they're a keeper when not only do they accept you, but they also embrace your interests and are willing to be a freak with you. They're not fair weather and would be there for you through anything (even if they didn't agree with or support your decision.) The gal pal friendship at the center of Muriel's Wedding is simply fabulous and the best part of the movie even if [SPOILER] I found her love interest too hot to pass up. Seriously Muriel get it together. You can LEARN to love a man with a face like that.You made a huge mistake Haha. [/SPOILERS] True moral of the story? Real friends like ABBA.

BRIDESMAIDS - Even though your bestie gets married, it doesn't mean your friendship has to end! Unless, in the case of Bridesmaids, you allow another scheming friend to drive a wedge between you then that might indeed cause trouble. Luckily true friendship will prevail if it's meant to be and if you allow yourself to be open enough perhaps you can make more friends along the way. If you play your cards right (and the bride has a moment of clarity as well,) you can still have your wonderful platonic duet moment at the wedding and far into the future.

THE SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS - Here's the story of four girls whose friendship was held together as they grew up and grew apart by a magical pair of pants (that SOMEHOW fits all of these girls of differing body types.) Does this plot sound stupid to you? That's because it is...but if you're in a particularly estrogen-y sentimental mood it will do the trick just fine. Even if none of these friendships in this film are particularly good or strong I suppose the idea is nice right? And if all else fails there are nice shots of Greece you can stare at.

ROMY & MICHELE'S HIGH SCHOOL REUNION - If you ever wondered what a female version of Dumb & Dumber might be like, Romy & Michele's High School Reunion might be worth checking out. These two personify the dumb blonde....but in a delightful way. They march to the beat of their own drums and are certainly in their own world, but whatever world that might be it sounds like a pretty fun and entertaining one. Though it might take them a bit to realize it, they know that in the end as long as they still have the other in their lives they'll be okay.



Bromance is in the air

This year it's time to celebrate love in all its forms, including PLATONIC love! Hooray for friendship! My friends and I will be celebrating Galentines (the celebration of female friendships) and you can expect a list later this week to commemorate the event. So to be fair, I decided first to do a post celebrating nine of the finest bromances in film (and one epic one from television I had to include.) Look over the list and let me know who is your favorite bromance. EDIT: D'OH! I left off Doc & Marty from Back to the Future. They'd totally be here too. So remember them in spirit.

LUKE SKYWALKER AND HAN SOLO - I couldn't write this list without my personal favorite. We all love the banter between Han and Leia, but this "love" story might be even better. They love to one up each other, but it's all fun and games. In their most crucial moments, each one always has the other's back. You don't go out after someone in below freezing temperatures if you don't love them!

FRODO BAGGINS AND SAMWISE GAMGEE - All of middle earth would be destroyed and enslaved if it weren't for this bromance. Sam is a true friend and his actions in continually saving his BFF Frodo, are among the most heroic in the entire story. Frodo is certainly lucky to have Sam and he knows it. Honestly, their scenes get me every time.

CAPTAIN KIRK AND MR. SPOCK - Logic vs. emotion. These two men couldn't be more different and yet together compliment each other during their missions in an incredibly perfect way. They recognize that each can see things in a way that the other can't, and though they may butt heads from time to time, they know each other's opinions are invaluable. 

You want bromance? This movie pretty much defines the word. The whole movie's plot is dedicated to the idea of man dating...and it's fabulous. Peter and Sydney are total opposites but through their time together, each helps the other become a little better. Only the most powerful relationships lead people to watching Chocolat.

HARRY POTTER AND RON WEASLEY - Here's a bromance made up almost entirely of one person being jealous of the other. But hey, at least he's really loyal in his jealousy. But for nostalgia sake they've been BFF's since they were 11 and most of the time have each other's back (unless Ron is throwing a fit over something.)

HARRY DUNNE AND LLOYD CHRISTMAS - These two idiot friends were simply made for each other. Sometimes people are just meant to find one another and these two are kindred spirits who were probably destined to be platonic life partners. Together they can bumble around through life and be the dummies they were meant to be.

TROY BARNES AND ABED NADIR - This tv bromance may, in fact, be the most epic of them all! When talking about Community you almost can't even say the name Troy without following up with "and Abed in the morning!" From their handshakes to their in-jokes.....everything about these two is pure magic. And [SPOILER] Troy leaving and breaking up this bromance indefinitely has to be one of the saddest things I've ever witnessed on television. [/SPOILER] Luckily these two seem to make it through every obstacle that's thrown at them. They'll last forever.

BUZZ AND WOODY - Hooray for the single greatest animated bromance of all time. Buzz and Woody have gone through a lot together. Though they began as rivals we have learned through the series that they've got a friend in each other. Though they both have their gal pals, let's be honest....they're still probably the most important person in each other's toy lives.

ANDY DUFRESNE AND RED - A good majority of The Shawshank Redemption is Andy and Red talking about how much they deeply admire the other. They support each other during some of the hardest moments of their collective lives and give each other hope that someday their life can be given a new chance. If it weren't for the other, [SPOILER] neither would have been able to leave the prison or truly live after doing so. [/SPOILER]

DEREK ZOOLANDER AND HANSEL - Like Dumb & Dumber here we have two idiots who found one another. This time they're both incredibly vain male models who first must let go of their intense rivalry to discover how similar they really are. Once they do, they'll realize how great friendship can be with someone who is exactly like you are.

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid, Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson, Batman & Alfred, Batman & Robin.

Vote on your favorite below! And if I overlooked anyone, tell me in the comments!

Which is the best bromance of all time?
Luke Skywalker and Han Solo
Samwise Gamgee and Frodo Baggins
Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock
Peter Klaven and Sydney Fife
Harry Potter and Ron Weasley
Harry Dunne and Lloyd Christmas
Troy and Abed
Buzz and Woody
Andy Dufresne and Red
Derek Zoolander and Hansel
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