Ice Ice Baby!

For those who know me well, you know that I'm not a huge advocate of winter. In fact...I detest it. However, every now and then the sun comes out and you find that there are adventures to be had! One such adventure? Visiting the ice castles of Midway, Utah. When I say plural ice castles I'm really lying... it's actually just one. But said castle was a lot of fun and worth the tiny journey. As I'm sure you've also realized by now, my mind is a trove of movie thoughts and so I couldn't help comparing this real life ice castle to some of the most memorable snowy wonderlands in film. So if you can't make it to see any such ice castles near you, I present to you the cinematic equivalents. These are 5 films that I was reminded of while I was there that can help you experience it vicariously and cinematically!

SUPERMAN - Perhaps the most famous ice castle of all is the one that happens to be the place where Superman calls home (well that and Smallville.) I've always thought the Fortress of Solitude was such an incredibly cool and mystical place and being in the ice castle I visited felt like stepping through Superman's front door. The only difference? Not so much solitude! In fact, there were times when it was quite the opposite and that was unfortunate. So hey if you watch Superman the only person you have to share the fortress with is Superman himself (and possibly Lois Lane or ghost of/AI Jor-El)

Marveling at the wonders of the Fortress.

THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK - What can I say? I can't help but think of Hoth when the world is covered in snow. Particularly in the ice castle I was reminded of Luke in the wampa cave. Pro of the ice castle? No wampa. Con? No lightsaber to rescue me from danger! What danger may you ask? Crowds mostly. And walking into kids and having my scarf accidentally hitting them in the face. I'm not sure how a lightsaber would help, but it just might. One other con would be no force theme music playing!

Hide from that wampa all you want, he'll get you in the end. Next year we'll try and pose upside down.

CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: THE LION, THE WITCH, AND THE WARDROBE - Another mighty fine ice castle. This time belonging to a villainess. I was very happy to find a similar throne to the White Witch's inside our castle and promptly posed next to it. The consequence? Very wet jeans. The White Witch never lets onto this, but I suppose it makes sense why all her dresses are so thick. Definitely put me in the mood for some Turkish delight.

I probably could look more evil...

THE THING - We were constantly reminded of The Thing at the ice castle, if only because of the combination of seeing it recently and the fact that my friends' coat choices look like they came right out of the horror thriller set in Antarctica. We certainly had the trust no one mentality as we froze a bit waiting for our turn to various things. Even to this day (a mere few days later...) we're not sure if everything and everyone we saw were human.

Fun fact: when being confronted by the thing it's best to hold your wallet out so maybe it will rob you instead of taking over your body.

FROZEN - The newest cinematic winter wonderland complete with its own ice castle is perhaps the most fun on the list. Elsa can create a whole world out of ice just by....singing a song about it. This ice castle I'm sure took considerably more effort to create, but like Elsa's world it too wouldn't be complete without the addition of everyone's favorite snowman.

Yes, I want to build a snowman! 

And that concludes my adventures at the ice castles of Midway. If you haven't been, go for it before the winter is up!


Sarah said...

Good representation of snow castles. Who knew there were so many cinematic examples? :)

Joey said...

Love the pictures....can't wait to go.