That Escalated Quickly

The idea of an Anchorman sequel has been floating around for a long long time. When I first heard about it way back when I was excited...but cautiously so. More and more time went on and the film was stuck in development hell, until one day it FINALLY got the green light...but the more I thought about it, the less excited I got. I concluded Anchorman would probably be something better left unvisited. Earlier this year another one of my favorite comedies, Arrested Development (a TV series as opposed to a film) lived again....and put the nail in the coffin of my hopes that any such thing should be revisited again after such an absence; lightning apparently can't strike twice. I was prepared for recycled jokes and flat deliveries. After all, it's been nearly ten years since these actors have slipped into these roles. None of the true cleverness or NEW quotability could exist could it? Well...I'm stunned to say that I pretty much loved Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues.

It didn't click immediately for me....and some of it is admittedly uneven. Early on, I was still unconvinced. There were laughs sure, but more of the chuckle variety than the belly laugh kind. Plus it is kind of a weird thing to say...but I was pretty ambivalent about Kristen Wiig's much-hyped appearance. I just wasn't sure at first what this movie was actually offering that made it worth the time or effort. It's not as tight of a film as the first...most likely because its predecessor tells a simple story, and this one is trying to tackle a lot. But once the plot sets in and the commentary it is going for comes to the forefront...well I kind of had a ball with it. Basic rule of thumb, if you enjoyed the first film...you'll probably feel similar about this one (meaning, I'd pretty much recommend it only to fans.) And considering the amount of time that's passed, I consider that quite a feat. 

The humor is similar, as is the level of crudeness so keep that in mind. For fans...there are several instant classic moments, and the other stuff that will probably just have to grow on you over time. This won't convert anyone that wasn't already won over by Ron Burgundy the first time around, but luckily I really don't think it will disappoint those who love the first movie. I was certainly prepared to be pretty critical of it. But...it made me laugh. A lot. I have to say, it's the funniest thing Will Ferrell has done in years. I'm actually just gonna leave it at that because I went in trying to know as little as possible, and I think that's a good thing to try and do. If you loved the first, you'll find plenty of things to laugh at again. EMILY RATING: 8


Joey said...

Yes, this is one I think I will be seeing. Niel is excited.

Sarah said...

I'm glad they didn't blow it. I could use a good laugh! :)