I love technology...

This morning I was all set to finally give you a review of Frozen...and then I got a notification from the facebook page telling me "it's cyber Monday! Write a post about it!" Challenge accepted. Since this post is the spur of the moment....I'm gonna keep the summaries VERY short and have this be a mini-post. Possibly later today I'll have a Frozen review...if not, look for it on Wednesday. So in honor of the cyber world I present ten movies about technology.

TRON - What would it be like to live in a computer video game world? Well...I've never seen the original, but from the decades later sequel it seems pretty trippy and neon.

THE TERMINATOR SERIES - In these films we get to see what happens to a society that becomes TOO dependent on technology... and yet somehow we still let this self-fulfilling prophecy happen. Just you wait for Skynet to become a thing. Just you wait!

2001 A SPACE ODYSSEY - The mother of all AI-trying-to-destroy-people movies! ...And then that part doesn't last long and it gets way trippy.

THE NET - This here is one of my friend's favorite movies. "The Sandra Bullock 90's thriller The Net." I saw this movie probably over 10 years ago, and remember absolutely nothing except Sandra being on vacation and lugging around a clunky 90's laptop with her while she was tanning on the beach. Silly show.

THE MATRIX - What if our reality was created by a computer and we had no idea we were trapped in it? The result would be that everyone would dress in drab black outfits and it would look a lot like the late 90's.

THE SOCIAL NETWORK - The story behind the creation of one of the world's biggest websites. The Social Network is one of my favorite movies to come out of the last five years and it's definitely worth checking out.

JOBS - The story behind the creation of one of the world's biggest companies. Haha. Okay, I haven't seen this...but I thought the story of Steve Jobs might round out the list nicely. I'll watch this one and get back to you later if it's really worth your time.

CATFISH - A documentary (or is it?) behind what can happen when you form relationships with people you don't know at all over the internet. There's always the controversy to whether this was real or not...but either way it's fascinating.

THE INTERNSHIP - Yeah...this movie is relatively laugh-free and hardly worth your time....but if you just LOVE google, uh maybe you should watch it.

YOU'VE GOT MAIL - They found love in a hopeless place: The internet! Well, actually HOW did these two start up their correspondence? No matter. This is far from my favorite rom-com by any means...but it was the first to highlight how technology can bring people together! Hooray!


Boom. Happy online shopping.


Sarah said...

You know, War Games (though dated) is actually a really great movie. I really don't love You've Got Mail. That's for sure! I just hate the ending! Not that they get together, but her wussy response to the circumstances that lead to their getting together. I hate 2001 A Space Odyssey. It is only cool for a very short period of the whole looooooong movie, and then it is just weird and pointless. I know it has its followers, but that is my opinion!

Emily said...

I completely agree with everything you said.

Amelia said...

Ironically my browser keeps freezing up when I try to comment on this technology post. haha. all I want to say really is I LOVE THE NET.

Emily said...

Don't you mean "The 90's thriller The Net"

Johanna said...

I have never gotten the love for 2001 A Space Odyssey. I have fallen asleep every time I've seen it, even in the theater back in high school when it first came out. And I never fall asleep in theaters.