Retail Therapy

Now that Thanksgiving is over it's time for....no not Christmas yet though that will be here before you know it. No, it's time for the "holiday" that is literally trying to take over our day of thanks: Black Friday. Are you sick of hearing about it yet? If you are, then I can't say I blame you...but read my list anyway and perhaps live vicariously? And if you aren't, here's a good way to get you into the shopping spirit. Today's list features ten films with fabulous shopping sequences.

CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPOHOLIC -  Okay so this isn't the greatest movie made by any means, but I couldn't make a list of shopping and not include this silly little chick flick. After all, the whole plot of it is about a girl who can't stop shopping for clothes (and no it is NOT a story of my life....though it could be.) Yeah...it's probably a bad sign that I found myself relating to much of her inner monologues.

PRETTY WOMAN - It's everyone's dream to be given unlimited funds to clothe themselves in the finest apparel possible...unfortunately in this scenario you're a prostitute and you're only getting the clothes so you'll actually be presentable! But hey... at least you will get some clothes out of the deal!

ENCHANTED - This scenario is pretty much like the last one instead you don't have to be a prostitute! (Whoa..that's a Flight of the Conchords song!) This time you get to be a formerly animated princess who now is adjusting to being human being. Even better, you get to shop for a dress for a ball! Hooray!

BLANK CHECK - What would you do if you had access to unlimited money AND you're a kid? You would go on a huuuuge  toy shopping spree. And you wouldn't just stop at toys. You would get everything possible you can imagine under the sun. I must admit, I haven't seen this film since I was a kid...but this paired with Richie Rich were basically my dream life (minus the whole having an adult love interest when I'm just a kid...gross.)

THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA - The only thing better than shopping with someone else's money is getting tons of freebies. If those freebies cost more money than most people make in a week...well that's pretty terrific. This film, a mousy Anne Hathaway gets to shop from the most en vogue racks you can think of, and consequently goes from totally geek to totally chic. Ah, the power of clothing.

BIG - So we've covered clothes shopping (and will revisit it again soon) Let's talk again about TOYS! There's something about toy stores in movies that are always magical. What's even better is if somehow you weasel your way into a job at a toy company and can design your own toys! #winning

CRAZY STUPID LOVE - Yes it is a well-known fact that I absolutely hate this film...but the best part revolves around a suave Ryan Gosling hosting a different type of clothing shopping spree. The guy certainly knows how to dress...and seeing him dole out advice is definitely one of the (few) highlights in the film.

BILL & TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE - A mall is a glorious place...but even more so if you're from another century and have never been in a mall! Music stores, aerobics classes and food courts. You'll be enthralled by the possibilities.

CLUELESS - Yes it's all 90's fashion...but it's crazy (then) cutting edge fashion! And you even can use a very archaic computer program to help you plan your outfits every day... Again as I mentioned...malls are the places to be!! ESPECIALLY when it concerns a homely friend needing an all too crucial makeover.

13 GOING ON 30 - When all else fails...just go shopping in your own closet! It only reallllly works though if you're unfamiliar with your closet and everything seems new. It's also good if said closet happens to be well organized so it can constantly shock and amaze. I aspire for my closet to look like this one day...but unfortunately I'm too much of a slob.

Moral of the story? Hooray for clothes! Movies and I both like them. Happy shopping. Or recovering from turkey comas. Whichev.


Sarah said...

I would also add all of the fashion show segments from the movies of the 30s, 40s, and 50s. I believe The Women might have one of those segments. One of my favorites is from How to Marry a Millionaire. I could definitely go for some of those clothes. I guess another example would be That Touch of Mink where Cary Grant provides a huge wardrobe for Doris Day...but then, of course, he only does that under the pretense that she will be his mistress. :)

Emily said...

Oh darn you're right! I didn't even think about those. I guess my list is just the 80'-now edition! I forget how much the older movies were about it too. Especially the 60's!

Johanna said...

You've never watched Douglas Sirk, but I love him. In Written In The Wind, Lauren Bacall gets her shopping done for it and it's most impressive!!

Oh, and the most interesting shopping scene of all time? My vote would be Vertigo when she is begging him for the clothes she wants not what will feed his compulsion.

Which reminds me of Easter Parade when Judy Garland doesn't get what she wants but what Fred Astaire thinks will make her look like Ann Miller. I mean really!

Unknown said...

Hi Emily,

Its me, Pat, just letting you know I still read your blog and find it in-tu-a-res-ting. :)
Anyway, I ran across this program and immediately thought of you. -


Don't know if it will interest you, but, I thought I'd pass it along to you anyway.

Emily said...

Pat!! Good to hear from you! I think about you every time I drive by my old stomping grounds. We really ought to do lunch sometime. That program sounds awesome! But sadly it looks like I've missed the deadline. Good thing Sundance is easy enough for me to get to anyway :)