In Memoriam

Earlier this month it was announced that starting sometime in the next year, we will cease to live in a world where Blockbuster exists. This news brought to me so many feelings...so many memories, where could I possibly begin? A world without video DVD stores? THE video movie store? Luckily, I wasn't the only person to feel this tinge of pain. Saturday Night Live crafted a sketch that so perfectly describes the loss that will soon be among us I had to share it with you all. For my part, I created a beautiful eulogy that I hope you will read, and take a few moments to ponder your own feelings.

To Blockbuster: I hardly knew ye.
You came before me and I truly thought you'd be here long after me. I thought I'd enjoy your companionship throughout my entire life. I cannot comprehend my children not knowing you (what children you ask? Just humor me BB.) I remember meeting you as a child and being all too happy to visit anytime I could. I remember working next door to you during high school and the convenience of visiting you anytime. During college, I would wander the shelves with my friends to numb my tired brain after endless homework. Finally, I remember coming to you to track down various weird and random films for themed blog posts in the last few years. Sometimes you let me down (quite often actually...) but there was always a comfort to be found. Redbox and Netflix, you've got blood on your hands as BB finally gets the medicine it gave out so long ago. Peace gentle video store company, the hard fought journey is now over. 


Johanna said...

Karma caught up with Blockbuster! The killer of Showtime Video, Video Shark, and all of those other Mom & Pop shops that could never compete.

I have lived to see the rise and death of a whole Giant Conglomerate cycle. I never thought Redbox would take hold and now with streaming, it's death will follow before long.

But where to go to see that old movie that you have a hankering for? Soon the library will be your best best....but you'll have to put it on hold.

Sad. Although I can't name the last Friday night that I spent at a Blockbuster looking for a movie. Can you?

Sarah said...

First of all, how in the world did I miss this post? Secondly, that was the silliest SNL skit ever. Lastly, was that Lady Gaga?

As for my thoughts, it is a sad, sad thing indeed. A lot of memories. It's weird to think that there are things that I experienced as a child, teen, and adult that will be completely foreign to my own children. I can describe it to them, but they will never really "get" it. Crazy thought!

Emily said...

Haha not sure how you missed it, but glad you saw it eventually. Yes that sketch was pretty silly. I loved it. And yes that was indeed Lady Gaga. And I agree completely, what a foreign world our old one will seem to our kids.