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So I know I just recently did a post akin to this when I reviewed Austenland HERE, but the subject of movie theme parks came up again when I heard a piece of shocking news. Apparently someone out there thinks that The Hunger Games series would make a good theme park. Now, I must admit that I haven't read all of the books and am only acquainted with the series through the first film that's been released. But HUNGER GAMES? As a theme park? Why? And more importantly how? This world is so unbearably drab and bleak...why would anyone want to vacation to it? And what kind of thrills could be had here? The Hunger Games is basically a glorified version of laser tag right? What kind of rides or adventures could be offered at such a park? I certainly have no idea. So instead, I came up with ten movies more deserving of having an entire theme park (yes, some already have their own rides...or even "lands," I'm thinking even bigger picture here.)


JURASSIC PARK - What better movie to have its own theme park than one that was ABOUT a theme park! (Zombieland would be a nice runner up, and a good little haunted land for Halloween..) Universal Studios does have a ride dedicated to it in their California park, as well a land full of attractions in their Florida park. But clearly that's not enough and I'm not the only one who seems to think so, as some eccentric Australian billionaire has taken it upon himself to build his own Jurassic Park. It really will be quite interesting to see what sort of attractions he comes up with to fill the park, because really...there are a lot of options to choose from (especially if you throw in some flying and aquatic dinosaurs to shake things up.)

STAR WARS - I wrote about my dream of a Star Wars park a year ago in THIS POST. So honestly, just go back and stare at that map...because I don't even think I need to make a case. Star Tours barely taps the unlimited potential that a Star Wars theme park could have. Flight simulators are fine and all, but really....there are SO much more possibilities here. Aside from rides, there are restaurants, shops and even whole lands based on the worlds seen in the film that could exist in a whole park dedicated to Star Wars. There are rumblings that this could indeed be a possibility in the future, I can only hope and pray that this is true...especially THIS ARTICLE. Seriously I could cry.

HARRY POTTER - Well, I've never been....but from what I've heard, Universal Studios has already made this one quite the dream come true. Still. There are 8 films and 7 books to draw from....and even more coming soon. This definitely has the possibility of not only expanding to California (plans which are already in the works...) but taking up even more space in Florida's park as well. I'm sure there's a lot more you could do with it.

LORD OF THE RINGS - People travel all the way to New Zealand to get a glimpse of where the Lord of the Rings films were shot (and sometimes life conspires against them being able to see the hobbit holes, but I digress...) Why not localize these worlds into their own parks? Some of the rides here might not be as obvious as Harry Potter or Star Wars, but I'm sure some creative minds could come up with something worthy of the series. There's always baddies to escape whether it's Gollum, ringwraiths, or a giant spider.  Plenty of potential here.

CHRONICLES OF NARNIA - Okay. These movies themselves are not deserving....but the stories behind them are. Each land could be one of the books, and if you've read them...you know there's a lot of cool ideas to draw from. Giants, dragons, and witches oh my. And who wouldn't want to jump between worlds? Just as long as the endless winter isn't ACTUALLY that cold.

INDIANA JONES - Okay this probably doesn't need a full park to itself, but still....a whole Indiana Jones park or even land would trump a Hunger Games one. The current ride at Disneyland is definitely one of the best ones the park has to offer and is constantly busy every time I've been. And Indy has some pretty thrilling adventures to inspire even more rides, restaurants, and attractions.

INCEPTION - Yes this is the most unlikely and probably implausible entry on my list, but really....this is a movie world I can see many people wanting to enter. Why? Because the possibilities are endless, and it's unlike anything humanly possible in our world. To enter a theme park version of it....would just be pretty fun. Rides could be as absolutely trippy as possible, AND without gravity. Let's just say, it'd be a pretty cool place to visit.
SUPERHERO THEMED - Yes, a version of this exists in theme parks across the country. You've got your coasters named after superheroes, and you've got a land dedicated to it at Universal. But wouldn't it be cool if DC and Marvel could just exist in the same place? And there could be a land of Gotham, Metropolis mixed with the real worlds of the Marvel Universe? It's a pipe dream to be sure, but it would be pretty cool to see this concept in more depth than what currently exists (because yes, I'll admit the Spider-man ride at Islands of Adventure is a good start.)

PIXAR - Here's another one where versions of this idea already exist. At Euro-Disney, you have a whole land devoted to Pixar with rides and attractions in this theme. I visited this and found it to be utterly adorable. It's easy to see the possibilities of a whole park in this theme because some of the most obvious ideas weren't really even there (Monster's Inc and the door rides! Come on!)

BACK TO THE FUTURE: For shame Universal! How dare you get rid of all traces of the greatness of Back to the Future in your parks. There's so much you can do with the concept of time travel! The ride back in the day was fun, but mostly because it was Back to the Future related. There are a lot more adventures you can have with the DeLorean than purely simulated ones (though...technically all rides are just simulations...but i digress)!

BONUS: AVATAR. Yes. Even Avatar. Even this movie I despise I would rather get its own park than the Hunger Games. Since when did I start hating The Hunger Games? Well I don't....I just know theme park potential when I see it, and Hunger Games makes zero sense....and I must admit though I hate Avatar with all my heart, THIS image of an Avatar attraction really blew me away. I would absolutely go on this ride....And ETA: CHECK THIS OUT

Now if only all of these could just exist in one place...that would be the ticket. So what do you think? Are you excited for an ultimate laser tag park a potential Hunger Games park? Or do you think there are better options out there too? Let me know!


Sarah said...

Is that Avatar attraction going to be a real attraction? I didn't like that movie either, but that would be a pretty beautiful ride. I think a Hunger Games park sounds like a bad idea! I would describe it as more of a camp kind of concept (camping in caves and doing survival exercises during the day...). I would love to visit all of the parks you suggested. :)

Emily said...

I'm not sure if that concept art IS indeed an actual plan or not, but it'd be pretty dang cool if it was in the works.

Emily said...

Okay I just looked it up, and it seems there are indeed talks about an Avatarland at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Johanna said...

They got rid of Back to the Future????

I guess really Austenland might be the only one I would want to go to! Maybe you have to be an action adventure fan to want to go to these ones. So are you in real danger at the Hunger Games? And what would the restaurants be like?

Emily said...

Oh come on you wet blanket! You'd want to visit Narnia at least. And re the hunger games restaurants: probably bakeries filled with burnt bread.