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Tis the season of gorging oneself! With the arrival of Thanksgiving merely days away, I thought it was only fitting that I paid tribute to some of the best food moments in cinema to get you into the pigging out spirit. This list can either properly inspire you to stuff your face or perhaps give you the strength to have some self-control, be wise and just live vicariously through these decadent film foods. I must say before I begin that this list was inspired by a Buzzfeed article you can find HERE, so don't be too surprised if you see some similarities....I just felt that my second item deserved to be on this list too much so I made a new one.

WAITRESS - Yes. I must admit the pies in this film put me into a sugar coma almost every time just looking at them. I loved them so much, I sought out the recipes and made some last Thanksgiving. You can read all about my love of those pies HERE But really if you're looking to get your fix by staring at some beautifully filmed food, there isn't just one scene in this one...but SEVERAL. The whole movie is about how one character can relate her life with food recipes, so you know you're golden in seeing some pretty good stuff.

CHOCOLAT - Wow. Two movies in a row that happen to be my sister's all-time favorites. I never made the connection that maybe she just likes movies about food...because another one happens to be on this list too! This one like Waitress, has MANY a scene with food...and not just devoted to any old food....devoted to CHOCOLATE. And not just ANY chocolate! FRENCH CHOCOLATE!! (...aka chocolat...) Plus you add in some good old, vintage Johnny Depp before the Jack Sparrow completely took over and you have a winning formula right there.

HOOK - Okay it's not that any of the food REALLY looked that good in the imaginary food scene...but as a kid it just always seemed to be exactly what I craved at any given moment (basically it looked like that rainbow ice cream that is actually kind of disgusting and yet I'm still slightly obsessed with it...) In my real and life, I probably would be horrified to see such a play dough colored pie, but in my youth it would have been a dream come true. I must admit I still have a fondness for even thinking of that scene for my own weird nostalgia.

HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER'S STONE - Here's another example of food appearing out of thin air. Once again, it's not just any food....but food beyond your fondest dream. Why? Because it's magic OF COURSE!! That obviously means it's the best tasting thing you can possibly think of. Really though, I swear I heard a gasp the first time I saw that. It must be the American dream...or just everyone's dream for food to come out of nowhere and onto your plate.

Can't get enough of those drumsticks!

WILLY WONKA AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY - Another movie devoted to chocolate! And a whole FACTORY full of it at that. That scene when he first brings them inside might just be the single most dream come true scenario on this list... Who wouldn't want to have everything around them be "eatable" (even I am eatable, but that my dear children is called cannibalism...oh wait wrong Chocolate Factory.) But again, that's not the only scene in the film that will have your sweet tooth hungry! Almost every scene comes up with something else to crave. As I type this I can't help but think about how much I could use a Wonka bar right this second!

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST - I think any food probably tastes better if it's being described by singing and dancing silverware. But the silverware has got one thing right! The food in Paris is never second best! So yeah, if I were Belle, I too would be putting my finger in all those foods and sampling EVERYTHING...because it probably tasted scrumptious.

That's right Belle. Dance with the food you're about to murder!

HOME ALONE - Okay, like Hook none of this food actually looks that good. But this represents my childhood love of it. I really related to Kevin McCallister growing up. No one understood the value of a cheese pizza. When he stayed home and ordered his own it was like he was speaking to my soul's fondest wish. Then he follows it up by making a ridiculously huge ice cream Sunday and Christmas Eve mac & cheese. This kid totally got me and my food taste. Does it really make sense for me to put it on this list? No. But it represents the independence for you to be able to eat WHATEVER you want...and to a kid that was priceless.

How come indeed.

JULIE & JULIA - mmm. French cooking. Oh, how I miss it. I really enjoy this movie if only for staring at all of the delicious Julia Child recipes in action! It inspired me so much I've done my own Julie & Julia night twice now, and you can read a bit about my second account HERE. And if you're looking for some of the direct recipes used in the movie you can check out THIS ARTICLE. This movie was full of tasty looking foods, and I must say that raspberry bavarian cream cake looks like one I might want to copy soon...

A CHRISTMAS STORY - As per a family tradition, I can't think of Thanksgiving without thinking of this movie. The scene with the turkey though completely says it all about how you feel when you first start smelling the glorious bird cooking in the oven. You, like the old man, want to pick at the skin and eat bits and pieces all day long. But you must wait. Hopefully for you though you never have dogs tear the whole thing apart before you get a chance to eat it! But even if you did, you'd always have the old reliable Chinese food place open! (But maybe not so much the scene where Randy eats like a little piggy...)

I HATE meatloaf! Double beet loaf!

RATATOUILLE - The BuzzFeed list used the scene of the actual ratatouille, but that one is probably far from my favorite. I take more joy in Remy trying to teach his brother about FLAVOR. Or him cooking a mini little omelet. Or him pulling the strings of Linguini and coming up with recipes on the fly. Once again, this movie highlights one of my greatest joys: good food. So I just can't help but love it!

HONORABLE MENTIONS: JURASSIC PARK (ice cream, jello and raptors are a winning combination!) EAT PRAY LOVE (Italian pizzas are yummy,) WHEN HARRY MET SALLY (I'll have what she's having!)

DISHONORABLE MENTIONS: MATILDA (Mrs. Trunchbull's chocolate cake looks DISGUSTING...but props for them making me weirdly obsessed with Ferrero Rocher since I always thought those resembled the chocolates Miss Honey's father used to give her,) INDIANA JONES & THE TEMPLE OF DOOM (explanation uneeded...) BETTER OFF DEAD - His mother's cooking is so bad, whether its boiling bacon or making some disgusting green goo that happens to be mobile! I never really realized that perhaps getting tv dinners for Christmas might actually be a welcome gift considering her cooking! SWEENEY TODD - All of Mrs. Lovett's pies are NOT to be trusted!

Well. That's my list! Hungry yet? And anything else I missed??


courtney wightman said...

kevin mccallister's food choices were on point, i completely agree.

Sarah said...

Good list! It is always amazing to me how much you dislike Belle. :) It is also interesting how many food scenes Randy has in A Christmas Story. Oh, and that is one super great picture of Johnny Depp. I'll have to think if there are any other movies that I would mention that make me hungry, or where the food looks super delicious. Hmmm.

Johanna said...

Buzzfeed had Defending Your Life. Great movie and the ultimate food fantasy....except for the brain food that his defender eats!