Game Over

I went into Ender's Game completely blind. I avoided trailers, plot synopses, critical reviews. Everything. I went in knowing absolutely nothing about what the next two hours had in store for me. How did that gamble pay off? Well, it's hard to say if I might have liked the film better if I had more background on it, but as it was without having the background...it was certainly pretty underwhelming. It wasn't so much a problem with the cast, or even the story necessarily. Most of the problems I'd say lie with the writing and directing...and one other thing. There's just something about having a 12-year-old for your protagonist who comes off as invincible that's hard to relate to or care about.  If you do happen to be a 12-year-old boy, then by all means you will probably LOVE this movie. But for someone who finds it a little difficult to relate to an all powerful kid, I found myself getting pretty bored.

Asa Butterfield of Hugo fame stars as our young hero Ender and he is a strong enough actor he almost pulls it off. Unfortunately most of his role kind of calls for him to be staring blankly into space. The vacancy on his face doesn't project the warmth that makes you truly care for him as a character. Plus, the little guy has quite the shocking violent streak. This might be perfectly endearing to Harrison Ford's character, but to the rest of the audience...the brutality of it is a little off-putting. Basically, these things make it hard to actually care about him, and for me that's the key to good characters. We as an audience want someone we understand, feel for, empathize with and want to root for. I found myself kind of caring for the kid...but not really.

So yeah...that for me was a big problem. But if you can get over that, I suppose you can look forward to some cool visuals I guess. The battle training scenes in a zero gravity chamber were kinda cool... Other than that I really have nothing else to say about the film. If I passionately loved or hated it, I could write about it all day. The thing is, this isn't a movie I feel much about one way or the other. It's just there. EMILY RATING: 5.9/10


Sarah said...

This sounds like the kind of movie that I will never have any desire to see. :) Thanks for validating my view!

Johanna said...

Yeah, I wasn't going to see it before, but now I'm really not going to see it!!!